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July 15, 2012
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In the tallest building at Speed Highway, Discord appeared and was getting ready to launch the invasion on Earth. Sonic came running at great speed, and had planned on stalling his attempt of the invasion. Sonic stopped by a nearby hotdog stand, and bought two chilidogs. After getting the chilidogs, Sonic ran to the top of the building, and put his plan to action.

Sonic: Hey there, chilidog?

Discord gave Sonic a questioning look. Sonic shrugged off Discord's expression and closed the box for one of the chilidogs. Sonic grabbed his chilidog and was ready to eat it.

Discord: Just you getting your last snack I assume?

Sonic: Nope, I'm getting a snack and making a threat.

Discord: A threat? Who am I supposed to fear, the Freedom Fighters?

Sonic: No, the Freedom Fighters isn't really our thing. We go by Team Harmony.

Discord looked at Sonic in confusion.

Sonic: It's what we call ourselves; it's sort of like a team. You know, different creatures that want to maintain peace and harmony. Have you met them by any chance?

Discord: Yes, I've met them

Sonic: Yeah, things like this take some traction I'll give you that one, but let's do a headcount here. The Mane Six, who have defeated you before with the Elements of Harmony. *Discord rolls his eyes in response* A boy and his dog, who are as big of adventurers as I am. Three kids that can build any gadget with anything that lays around. A couple of daredevils, and YOU my "friend", have managed to piss off every single one of them.

Discord: *smirks in satisfaction* That was the plan.

Sonic: Not a great plan. When they come, and they will, they'll come for you.

Discord: *glares* I have an army.

Sonic: We have a Ghost Boy.

Discord: I thought that brat was defeated.

Sonic: Look you're missing the point. There is no throne; there is no version of this where you or Time Eater will come out on top. And maybe your army comes, and maybe it's too much for us, and even maybe Time Eater shows up to the fight and makes the fight for us look bleak, but it's all on the both of you. Because if we can't protect the Earth, you can be damn sure we WILL avenge it.

Sonic then eats his chilidog in one bite after making his statement clear to Discord where he and his friends stand at stopping him and Time Eater. Discord glares at Sonic on his over-cocky attitude and starts walking towards him.

Discord: How will your friends have time for me, when they are so busy fighting you?

Discord touched Sonic's forehead with his eagle claw, but to his surprise, Sonic didn't turn grey, like the ponies had when he messed with their heads. Discord tried again, but his attempt failed once again. Sonic finished chewing his chilidog after Discord's second attempt had failed.

Discord: This usually works.

Sonic: Performance issues. Yeah they're always a pain, especially for a noob like you. How a best out of five?

Sonic was suddenly grabbed by the throat and tossed to the side. Sonic talked as low as he could in his wristwatch, attempting to get a hold of Tails.

Sonic: Hey Tails are you guys almost here?

Tails: We're going to have Danny deliver the emeralds.

Discord lifted Sonic by the throat again, and brought him up to eye level to make his threat clear to Sonic.

Discord: You, and your worthless friends, will bow down to me!

Sonic: Send them now Tails!

Discord then threw Sonic out of the glass window, and he started falling down the building. Shortly after, Danny Fenton was seen jumping out of the Tornado, carrying a container holding the Chaos Emeralds. While he was falling, Danny transformed into his ghost half, Danny Phantom. Danny flew at a fast rate and handed Sonic the container.

Danny Phantom: Here you go Sonic! Wipe that smirk of his off his face for me!

Sonic gave Danny a thumbs up in response. And with that, Danny went intangible and phased through the sidewalk. Sonic focused his energy into the emeralds, and before he hit the ground, he transformed into Super Sonic. He then flew back to the top of the building and was ready to confront Discord.

Sonic: And there's one other person, or should I say pony, you pissed off. His name was Matt.

Discord was going to blast Sonic with a dark sphere, but Sonic blasted him with a Chaos Spear before Discord had his chance to charge his dark sphere.

Nate: CUT! Great job you guys, it would be best to save the rest of that energy for the actual chapter. This is only a teaser after all.

Both Sonic and Discord were ready to blast each other with their chaos energies, but they decided it was best to save the energy for later. Sonic turned back into his normal self.

Sonic: Hey, no sweat. It was fun acting like Iron Man for this little teaser you planned.

Discord: I think I caught Loki's actions perfect for this chapter.

Danny appeared through the floor, and transformed back into his human self.

Danny Fenton: How did I do guys?

Nate: You did great Danny! You had great timing with the jump from the Tornado and turning into Danny Phantom.

Danny Fenton: Since I'm not going to be in the story for a while, I figured I would do some rehearsals and be ready when it's my turn.

Sonic: Don't worry about it Danny, I'm sure Nate is doing his best to get you in the story as fast as he can handle. Let's go get some pizza; I'm sure the rest of the gang would like that.

Danny gave Sonic a grin and they were both leaving to get some pizza. Discord was walking with them with a smile as well. They gave Discord a confused look when they noticed him walking out with them.

Discord: *shrugs* What? Pizza sounds good.
UPDATE: 9/10/12

Made a little change to the story, I gave the group a team name of my own. I might end up doing another one of these later on down the road.


Just a little teaser to give my story a break. This idea came to my mind a couple of weeks ago, and after watching the Avengers movie, I wanted to give this the Avengers feel.

And by Avengers feel, I mean the argument between Tony Stark and Loki. I can see Sonic and Discord doing an argument scene like Tony and Loki's. This was just for humor, and I hope you all enjoy this. I'm going to work on Chapter 8 after I take a little break from the story. I need to figure out how I want Chapter 8 to go.

This chapter, as stated, is only a teaser to the story. Not everything in it will be used in the actual story. Also, during the time I was typing this, I wanted to add the Phil Coulson character to finish the argument between Sonic and Discord. I've seen a lot on the Discord Whooves, and thought of using something like that. I never got a name to Doctor Whooves at the time, and since he is named after Doctor Who, I thought, for this chapter only, to name him after the current actor of Doctor Who.

Sonic and Tails belong to Sega

Discord belongs to Hasbro

Danny Fenton/Phantom belong to Butch Hartman

The Avengers belong to :iconmarvelplz:
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You know I always been thinking if the hulk is the strongest doesnt mean that shadow is the strongest?
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I would say without the inhibitor rings on, he is.
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if i ever talk to sonic or shadow i miet faint
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natedeanmaan Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It's only a teaser I had thought up a while ago. The actual battle will be more intense than this, that's all I will say for that.
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even so good job
natedeanmaan Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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