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November 10, 2012
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The walk up the mountain was silent between Mordecai and Twilight for a good while. “What’s wrong with Twilight? She wanted to talk earlier,” he thought to himself in worry. Mordecai started thinking over their conversation from earlier.



Twilight had just finished telling him about her mishaps when she forgot to write a friendship report for Princess Celestia. He ended up laughing at the situation and said, “Y-you really got that stressed over one lousy letter?”

Twilight lowered her ears and her head in embarrassment and quickened her pace from Mordecai. His laughter settled after he noticed that she had distanced herself away from him. He then asked, “Twilight, are you ok? Twilight?”

He got no response from her, and he decided to quicken his pace to catch up to her.



Mordecai smacked his forehead after remembering his antics and regretted it. “UGH! Smooth move you idiot! She’s not gonna like you for that,” he sternly thought to himself. Once he finally caught up to her, he tried to get her attention and said, “Twilight?” He didn’t get a response from her, all she did was continued her walking and she checked the map. “The silent treatment. Yeah, she hates you now Mordecai,” he thought sadly. He looked at the ground, feeling completely guilty and sad for laughing at her. “There’s only one thing you can do at this point,” Mordecai thought to himself.

Mordecai wanted to apologize to her and said, “Twilight, umm about earlier. I know you were trying to pass the time with telling stories, and I ended up laughing at one of your mishaps. I just want to say I’m-.” But before he could finish, Twilight interrupted him by saying, “Shhh!”

He gave her a questioning look, and saw why she had shushed him. What he saw was the aftermath of an avalanche. The dirt and rocks had built a giant hill for them to work with to reach the top of the mountain and getting the emerald. They remained quiet as they climbed the dirt hill, in hopes of preventing a second avalanche. Mordecai had slipped a couple of times, but he was able to get a grip on the buried rocks that stuck out to keep him from sliding to the bottom. They were both exhausted after they reached the top of the dirt hill. Going downhill was a lot easier for them, but they watched their steps and did their best from sliding down the hill. They reached the bottom of the hill with sore feet and hooves. They decided to take a short break after they gave themselves a good distance from the avalanche area.

Mordecai said, “That was rough. How did that avalanche happen?” Twilight said, “It was an accident. Remember when I said that my friends and I came here before?” He simply said, “Yeah, I remember.” She continued the conversation and said, “Well, that journey was to try and convince a sleeping dragon that lived in the cave to leave.” He interrupted her and asked, “It was that bad?” She nodded and said, “Yes, it would have been very bad. He blew smoke while he was snoring, and Ponyville was going to be covered in it for a hundred years if we didn’t do anything.”

Mordecai nodded in understanding and said, “I know I wouldn’t want to live in an area that would be covered in smoke.” Twilight said with a chuckle, “I don’t think anyone would.” He looked back at the avalanche and asked, “How did this avalanche happen anyway?” She said, “Before we talked the dragon into leaving Fluttershy overreacted and accidentally caused the avalanche. It’s kind of funny looking at it now. I still remember that after we arrived at the cave, Fluttershy had told us that she was scared of dragons.” Confused by this, Mordecai asked, “Isn’t she and the rest of the ponies friends with Spike?” Twilight said, “Yeah, but she says that fully-grown dragons scare her the most. After she got upset from the dragon attacking us, Fluttershy put her hoof down and was able to convince that dragon to leave.”

Concerned from the incident, he asked, “You weren’t hurt too bad from the dragon were you? I assumed that it would have breathed fire or something.” She said, “No, we weren’t hurt too bad. I’m just grateful he didn’t blow fire at us.” After they were well rested, they got back on their hooves and feet and continued their journey to the cave. After walking a short distance, Twilight remembered the conversation they had before climbing up the dirt hill. She said, “Oh, uh Mordecai. Were you trying to apologize before we got through the avalanche area?”

They both stopped walking after she asked her question. He scratching the back of his head and said, “Yeah, I was. I didn’t mean to upset you in anyway when you told me that whole crazy scene you had over a letter you didn’t send to Celestia. I should have known that you take your work very seriously. I’m sorry for that.”

Twilight looked at him and said, “It’s ok Mordecai I forgive you. As much as I like getting things organized and finishing all of my tasks on time, I shouldn’t have freaked out like I did. Princess Celestia ended up telling me that she didn’t need a report every week. I also ended up getting a visit from my future self for being too organized. Too bad I didn’t finish telling myself that message and I panicked for the whole week about some disaster that didn’t happen.” Mordecai lightly chuckled at this and thought to himself, “Why does that sound familiar?” He then said, “That reminds me when me and Rigby wanted to learn how to play our instruments for a contest in a single day.” Surprised by this, Twilight said, “I didn’t know you could play an instrument. What was the contest for?” Realizing what he had said, he decided to change the subject and said, “It’s not important. Anyway, all I can say is, your lucky to have me as a friend. I can teach you how to balance work and taking breaks at the same time.”

Twilight playfully rolled her eyes at this and said, “The life of a slacker? I don’t know.” He said, “Hey, I said I might slack off, but I still know when to get back to work.” She said, “Yeah, that’s true.” He continued and said, “Besides, if you learned from Rigby, then that’d be a problem.” The two shared a laugh and continued their walk to the top of the mountain.


As Finn’s sword came down, he was certain that he had won the fight against Sonic. Unfortunately for him, his sword suddenly stopped with a clang. He saw that Sonic was wielding the Root Sword and had stopped his sword with it. Sonic then kicked Finn in the stomach and he jumped up to his feet. Finn held his stomach with his left hand, and coughed, showing the impact Sonic’s kick had on him. He then glared up at him and growled in frustration. Sonic tried to reason with him and said, “Look, Finn. We need to end this fight right now; we have a big problem right now.” Listening to only half of what he said, Finn said, “Your right on one thing Sonic, this fight needs to end right now. And it’ll end with me killing you right where you stand!”

Sonic rolled his eyes at Finn’s response and took his stance while wielding the Root Sword. “Okay, he wants to learn the hard way,” he thought to himself. Knuckles, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Jake arrived in time to see Sonic and Finn staring each other down. Curious after seeing his actions, Knuckles asked, “Sonic, what are you-?” Sonic interrupted him and yelled, “Stay back guys!” Finn also yelled, saying, “Yeah, stay back Jake!” Jake tried to reason with him and said, “But-” Finn interrupted him and said, “Butts are for pooping! I got this!”

The group, excluding Jake, was left confused from Finn’s outburst. Rainbow Dash said, “Ok… C’mon Sonic, we want to help!” Sonic said, “Just leave it to me! The last thing I want is for any of you getting hurt. This fight shouldn’t take long anyway.”

Rainbow Dash crossed her fore hooves and pouted saying, “Fine.” After everyone understood that the fight was going to be between Sonic and Finn only, they gave themselves distance from them to avoid any distractions for the two. The two then dashed towards each other with their respective swords in their hands. They swung their weapons at each other and made contact with their swords. The two glared at each other, pressing their swords with all of their might. Finn then pushed Sonic off with all of his strength. He then lunged forward and swung his sword at him; Sonic however, dodged the attack effortlessly. Finn continued swinging his sword at Sonic, but because of his speed, Finn couldn’t touch him. After another missed attack from Finn, Sonic was seen in a distance and had a cocky grin on his face. He then said, “Heheh, your not bad Finn.”

After making his comment, Sonic raised his sword and dashed towards Finn. He also started running towards him and had his sword ready. In an instant, both Finn and Sonic had swung their swords and were facing away from each other. Because of the speed of the attacks, the group wasn’t able to see what had happened between them. Sonic winced and grabbed his left shoulder; it had a small gash on it. Finn turned around and grinned after seeing Sonic on his knees from his attack. Finn suddenly got a scratch on his left cheek and part of his hat was also cut from the attack. Sonic got back on his feet and turned around to face Finn. Finn charged at Sonic and continued his attack on him.

While the two continued their sword fight, Knuckles, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Jake were talking with each other to pass the time. The group questioned Jake’s ability to stretch himself, and how he was able to get his powers. His response to them was that he was a magical dog, and that he doesn’t remember how he got his powers. After their conversation lasted a while, they ended up on the subject of Finn and Sonic. Rainbow Dash asked him, “How do you know Finn by the way?” Jake said, “He’s my brother. My parents took him in when he was a baby, and raised him like he was their own.” After hearing this, Applejack said, “Well that was very nice of them. How old is Finn by the way?” Jake simply said, “He’s 14.”

Everyone was surprised after hearing this. Rarity got over her shock and asked, “Really? 14?!” Jake shrugged and said, “Why do you ask?” Rarity continued and said, “It’s just; I’ve never known anyone that could be this experienced at handling any weapons at such a young age.” Jake said, “Well with the two of us here, he has to be good at handling a sword and be able to fight.” After seeing the fight continue Jake said, “What about Sonic, how old is he, and where did he learn to handle a sword? I’ve never seen anyone that could match Finn when it came to fights, especially when it comes to sword fights.” Knuckles answered and said, “Sonic is our friend. He’s 16 years old, we celebrated his birthday a while ago. As for the sword fighting skills, I wouldn’t know about that, but one thing that should be known is that he lives for adventure, and thrives on this kind of stuff.”

Sonic launched himself in a homing attack while spinning the Root Blade in a buzz saw-like attack. Finn was left breathing heavily after blocking the attack. After the attack, Sonic was on his knees, attempting to catch his breath. Finn didn’t want to admit it, but Sonic was a lot stronger than he looked. Sonic had similar thoughts about Finn and was amazed with the knowledge he had at sword fighting, despite how young he appeared to him. He slowly got back on his feet, trying his best to shake off his weariness.

Finn thrusted his sword at Sonic, but he caught the blade with his sword and stopped the attack. Finn grinned after seeing this and started swinging his sword around in a circular motion. Sonic tried to hold onto the sword, but after the third circle move, the Root Blade was sent flying out of his hands, leaving him defenseless. Sonic was in a state of shock to see that his sword was thrown to the side and was stabbed into the ground a few feet away from them. Finn started swinging his sword at him, but he dodged each of the attacks with his swift moves. Finn swung his sword in a large, horizontal arc, but Sonic escaped the attack at the last second.

Sonic then bounced off of his right hand and flipped backwards towards his sword. Finn saw this and chased after him. He then jumped in the air and readied his attack to finish off the defenseless hedgehog. Sonic however, got to the Root Blade, turned around quickly and readied his counter attack on Finn. The group covered their eyes from what was going to happen next, but instead of hearing any contact being made, there was silence between Sonic and Finn. What everyone saw next really surprised them. They saw that Finn was levitating in the air, in a cyan aura coating, not moving a muscle. Sonic was also pinned with the same cyan aura, not moving from the position he was in. “What the what?” he asked in confusion.

Finn tried to move, hoping to break free, but it was no use for him. A voice suddenly shouted, “That’s enough from you two!” Sonic recognized the voice and said, “Huh? What the? Silver? What are you doing here?” A white-grey hedgehog was then seen floating toward the two. Finn then said, “And why did you stop us? I was going to kill him!” Silver simply said, “I’d take a better look if I were you.”

Finn was confused from Silver’s explanation and looked down. He saw that he had his own sword positioned to strike Sonic at his throat. “What does Silver mean,” Finn thought to himself in confusion. After getting a better look from where he was floating, he was shocked to see that Sonic had the Root Blade positioned at his chest where his heart was. Realization hit him, seeing that if the attack wasn’t stopped, both he and Sonic would have stabbed each other. Finn then yelled in shock, “WHOA!!!” “Now you see what I mean?” asked the hedgehog. Finn nodded in response. Silver then moved Finn a few feet away from Sonic and released them from his powers. Both Sonic and Finn thrusted their swords as a delay response before Silver came and stopped them.

Sonic got back on his feet and said, “Thanks Silver. What brings you here? And how did you get here?” The ponies, Knuckles, Finn and Jake gathered themselves and were ready to listen to what Silver had to say. He said, “I’ll start with how I got here. Both Blaze and I came back to this time with the help of a pony that has some blue phone booth box that can travel through time.” Curious from this, Rainbow Dash asked, “What blue box, and who was the pony?” Silver said, “It started with a “T”; I forgot what he called it. As for the pony, all he told me was that he was “The Doctor” and that he was going to meet someone in Ponyville. Blaze went with him to Ponyville to take care of what we need taken care of over there.” Applejack asked, “And what would that be exactly?” He said, “To change the future and prevent a disaster.” After hearing this, Knuckles asked, “What happened exactly?” Silver said, “Both Time Eater and Discord have taken over the planet.”

Everyone had a shocked/surprised look on their faces after hearing the news from Silver. Finn and Jake looked at each other in confusion, not knowing who they were. Jake then spoke up and asked, “Who’s this Time Eater and Discord guy your talking about?” Silver said, “Me, Sonic, Knuckles and some of our friends dealt with Time Eater during Sonic’s birthday. It is a giant smog-like monster that can erase time and space. As for Discord, he is known as a draconequus.” Finn asked, “A what?” Rarity answered his question and said, “He is a creature that has the head of a pony and a body of different animals. He’s also known as the spirit of chaos and disharmony.” Silver said, “Thank you Rarity. These two have abilities of their own to mess with reality, and when you put them together, they REALLY can cause more problems than they ever could alone.” After they were told of who Discord and Time Eater were, Finn and Jake nodded in understanding.

Finn thought over the situation and asked, “If they are as dangerous as you say, how come no one has stopped them in your time?” Silver had a forlorn look on his face and said, “Sonic is the only one that had defeated Time Eater the last time we had met, and in that one time, he had help with his younger self. But something happened that had caused him to die in my time.” Surprised by this, Sonic said in confusion, “WHAT?!?!” Knowing that there wasn’t enough time to tell them the story, Silver said, “I’m not sure what it was, but my guess is that it was your fight with Finn. As for Discord, he managed to get his hands on all of the Chaos Emeralds, and his powers threatened anyone that challenged him.” Rainbow Dash asked in a worried tone, “What happened with the Elements of Harmony? Those should have stopped him easily.” Silver shook his head and said, “I’m not sure, but I think when he got all seven emeralds, he was too strong for the elements to handle. He even created his own land, and in there, he has corrupted everyone’s minds and they have become his mindless slaves.” Finn asked, “Everyone?” Silver said, “Yes, everyone, and anyone that he could capture and control easily. With that, he basically has an army of his own.”

Finn wasn’t sure how strong the emeralds were. He turned to the group and asked, “Are the Chaos Emeralds that powerful?” Sonic answered him and said, “Me and Knuckles have seen them work for others before, so yeah, they are VERY powerful. Also, with what Silver just said, I was already afraid of what Discord could do with them when he mentioned that he knew about the emeralds when I first bumped into him, but him having the ability to control anyone, that makes it even worst.” Knuckles said, “Our friend’s radar had picked up a signal that read that one of the emeralds is here.”

Both Finn and Jake started thinking about the events from the previous day. They remembered something falling towards the Fire Kingdom and thought it might be what the group is looking for. Finn then said, “Me and Jake saw something red fall in that direction last night.” Everyone turned in the direction Finn pointed at. Sonic asked, “Where is that spot at exactly?” He said, “It’s the Fire Kingdom, was it the emerald you guys are looking for?” Knuckles said, “One of the emeralds is red, so that has to be it.” Sonic said in enthusiasm, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s get going!!”

But before they could leave in the direction Finn told them, everyone heard a small cough that sounded close to them. Jake then went over to a nearby rock and lifted it to reveal a small fire underneath it. The group grew concerned after seeing the fire, believing that it would cause a forest fire. Knuckles spoke up and said, “Aren’t you guys going to put it out?” A mysterious voice suddenly said, “That wont be necessary knucklehead.”

Everyone, excluding Finn and Jake, became surprised from the sudden outburst. Sonic however, started laughing at Knuckles from being called a “knucklehead”. Before Knuckles could punch him, the group got a better look at the small fire as it came out from under the rock. The small flame then revealed a small face on a small body with stubby arms and legs and a small tail. Finn introduced the fireball to everyone and said, “Oh, right. Everyone, this little fireball is Flambo. Flambo, these guys are here to get something that had fallen in the Fire Kingdom.” Flambo waived his arms and said, “Actually kid, I wouldn’t bet on going there if I were you. I got a tip from a reliable source that a familiar goblin had gone there and taken something from there. I wouldn’t know if it was in the Fire Kingdom or not. My sources also told me that the goblin was heading to the Goblin Kingdom to try and is attempting a take over.”

Finn thought over who the mysterious goblin and said, “Hmm, that sounds like Xergiok.” Rainbow Dash asked, “Who in the hay is Xergiok?” Jake said, “Xergiok was a tyrant king in the Goblin Kingdom.” After hearing this, Rarity said, “Was? What happened to him?” Finn simply said, “Me and Jake kicked his butt and dethroned him.” Sonic said, “Just like that? He sounds like a pushover.” Finn said, “He uses magic wands to fight, of course he is,” as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. He continued and said, “If he actually did find the Chaos Emerald, who knows how much stronger he is after what you’ve told us.”

Jake then grew in size and got Finn, Sonic, Applejack, Rarity and Knuckles on his back and started running in the direction to the Goblin Kingdom; Rainbow Dash chose to follow everyone while flying. Sonic wanted to run, but considering what they were put through, Finn thought it would be better for Sonic to rest while Jake carried them to the Goblin Kingdom. Finn noticed the angry expression Sonic had; along with his arms being crossed and that his right foot was doing a tapping motion, easily showing his frustration. He turned to Knuckles and asked, “What’s up with Sonic?” He said, “Sonic is easily impatient. Try to talk to him about something to take his mind off of the travel.” Finn said, “Like what? I don’t know him that well.” Applejack said, “Just ask him anything.”

Finn thought for a second and said, “So Sonic, how many emeralds do you guys have so far?” Sonic started calming down from his boredom. He turned to Finn and said, “So far, we’ve got two. The rest of the group went to Ponyville to get the one over there.” Confused by this, Finn asked, “Ponyville? How far is it from here?” Sonic said, “Quite a ways, I’m not entirely sure myself.”

Curious about Sonic’s lifestyle, Finn asked, “Do you have any adventures on your travels?” Sonic said, “Yeah, plenty of adventures! I live for them! I’ve been through a lot, but there was this one time I had to fix the planet when it broke into pieces before.” Shocked by this, Finn said, “What?! When did this happen?” Before he could explain his adventure, they slowly arrived at the Goblin Kingdom. The group saw smoke coming from the kingdom and assumed something was going down. Sonic then said, “I’ll tell you later.”

Once the group got closer to the Goblin Kingdom, they spotted Xergiok wreaking havoc within the kingdom with a new magic wand, but what surprised everyone the most was the power source on top of the wooden wand. Sonic said, “Looks like your pal Flambo wasn’t lying.” Applejack said, “But it looks like he forgot to tell us about them.” The group turned around and saw that Xergiok had brought an army of earclopses and cyclopses to the Goblin Kingdom. Finn yelled, “FOR THE LOVE OF GLOB, FLAMBO!!!”

After seeing what they were up against, Knuckles said, “I see the cyclopses, but what are those other things?” Finn said, “Those are earclopses, but I wouldn’t worry about them.” Curious from this, Rainbow Dash asked, “And why is that?” He replied with a grin and said, “Because Xergiok forgot to get earplugs for them again.” Rarity said, “Earplugs, for those things?” Jake nodded and said, “Yup, with ears that big, they can’t handle a simple shout without passing out.”

After hearing what they needed to hear on taking down the earclops army, Jake, Knuckles, Silver, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Applejack went ahead and started their attacks on the army Xergiok brought with him. Before Sonic could join the others to take on the army, both he, and Finn heard a couple of goblins yelling in pain, followed by laughter not too far from them. Sonic asked, “What’s going on?” Finn said, “Must be Xergiok spanking some of the goblins.” Sonic said in disbelief, “Spanking? Are you serious Finn?” He said, “Yes, that’s what he did to the goblins before we dethroned him.” Sonic smacked his forehead and muttered, “Oh boy,” under his breath.

The duo then went to the place where the yelling came from, and saw Xergiok spanking three goblins mercifully. Without thinking of a plan, Sonic jumped right in and was prepared to fight the spank happy goblin. He lifted his sword to him and said, “That’ll be the last butt you spank ugly!” Xergiok stopped spanking the helpless goblin and turned to face the intruder. He saw the blue hedgehog standing before him, wielding his sword, prepared for a fight. After he turned around, Sonic had thought to himself in surprise, “Man, did I call that one”.

The goblin then declared, “And who is the fool that thinks he can challenge the mighty Xergiok?!” Sonic did his best from chuckling at the title and said, “Mighty Xergiok? From what I’ve heard, you’re a complete pushover.” Angered by this, Xergiok yelled, “Pushover?! Tell me blue one, can a mere pushover do this!!” In an instant, a powerful energy of chaos was fired from Xergiok’s wand. Sonic dodged the blast with ease, but Xergiok fired multiple blasts at him while he was still airborne. Sonic saw this and swatted as much blasts as he could with his sword. After he deflected each of the blasts, one more blast was heading for him. He wasn’t ready to deflect the attack and was prepared for the impact the blast was going to have on him.

Fortunately for him, Finn had jumped in and deflected the blast at the last second. After the blast was deflected, Xergiok looked on in displeasure to see the familiar boy once again and said, “Oh, it’s you.” Finn said, “Yeah, it’s me. Muffintop!” Xergiok got angry after hearing what Finn had called him. Sonic however, was trying his best at keeping himself from laughing at Xergiok from Finn’s outburst. Out of rage, Xergiok started firing multiple energy balls at both Finn and Sonic. Sonic dodged the attacks with his speed, while Finn deflected each of the energy balls with his sword. Xergiok then brought out multiple energy balls and randomly fired them at the duo. The attack didn’t faze them; they simply deflected each of the attacks without flinching.

After deflecting the last of the energy balls, it ended up hitting Xergiok in the face. The impact caused him to drop his wand. With that Finn, picked up the wand, took the emerald off of the wand and once again, destroyed it. He then placed the red emerald in his pack. After Xergiok was defeated, he fled the Goblin Kingdom once again. Both Finn and Sonic turned to see that the earclopses and the cyclopses were defeated. Sonic, in response, gave everyone a thumbs up for their accomplishment. But before everyone could celebrate their victory, Time Eater suddenly appeared, spreading fear to everyone in the Goblin Kingdom. It opened up multiple portals and started sucking all of the goblins into the portals. Jake saw this and wrapped everyone up tightly, while securing himself by holding on to two nearby trees. Time Eater then opened another portal and attempted to try and suck Finn into the portal. He felt the force the portal had had and became worried about where the portal would suck him to if he didn’t think of anything. Finn attempting to keep himself from flying into the portal by stabbing his sword into the ground, but before he could do this, Time Eater fired its immobilizing sphere at Finn and prevented him from stabbing his sword into the ground.

After Sonic saw what Time Eater had done, he came by Finn and used Chip’s necklace to protect them from the portal. Time Eater was enraged from seeing the barrier Sonic generated again. It closed the portal, knowing there was no point against the barrier. Billy then appeared wielding his sword and starred down Time Eater. Finn saw this, and once he was able to move again, ran out of the shield, wanting to join Billy for the fight. Sonic saw this and dropped the shield, leaving himself defenseless. Time Eater saw this and swatted Sonic with all of its might. The hit caused Sonic to drop the purple emerald, while he crashed through the Goblin Kingdom’s walls and skidded to a stop on the ground just outside the kingdom. After seeing him get hit, Finn yelled, “Sonic!!!”

He was going to go and assist Sonic, but he saw the purple emerald lying on the ground. Finn saw Time Eater fly towards the emerald in an attempt to steal it. He started running  in an attempt to try and get to it before Time Eater could. The emerald was then picked up, revealing that Billy had picked it up, giving Finn great relief. He then said, “Billy! Thank Glob; I knew you wouldn’t let me down! I need that emerald for my friend.” Billy then clutched the emerald in his right hand and had a wicked grin on his face. He then looked up at Finn with a crazy look in his eyes and said, “Thank you Finn.” He was then engulfed in a blindingly bright light, causing Finn to shield his eyes from the brightness. After the light subsided, it revealed Discord standing before him with a grin on his face. Finn then gasped and stared in shock at what had just happened. Discord then said, “Thank you for being such a fool!” He laughed at the dumbfounded human standing before him.

Finn became enraged after realizing the trickery he had been put through and tried to attack Discord with his sword. Discord however snapped his fingers and teleported before Finn could make contact. Time Eater then tore open a portal and disappeared in it. After they disappeared, everyone went over to Sonic, and saw that he still had his face in the ground. He didn’t make any movements, and they grew concerned for him. Finn told everyone that he has something that can help Sonic, but he left it back at the Tree Fort. In an instant, the group pulled Sonic out of the ground and put him on Jake’s back. He once again grew in size and carried everyone to the Tree Fort as fast as he could. Jake asked, “How’s he holding up back there?” Silver checked for Sonic’s pulse on his neck and said, “He is doing ok, but we need to hurry up.”

Jake quickened his pace and they arrived at the Tree Fort within minutes. As soon as Jake stopped, Finn jumped off his back and ran as fast as he could into their home. After a few minutes of searching, Finn came out of the Tree Fort with a small bottle in his hands. He demonstrated to everyone what the bottle could do by pouring a little bit of it in his right hand. He used it on the cut he had from the sword fight from earlier with Sonic, and it fixed the cut on his left cheek as well as the part of his hat that was also cut from the fight. Finn then squirted the bottle on Sonic’s face, and he woke up in an instant. He was breathing heavily and had a look of terror on his face, as if he had just come out of a nightmare. Still shocked, he said, “Dude!! What was that, and the heck was that for?!”

After saying this, he desperately tried to shake off the water, leaving everyone, but Knuckles, curious of his actions. Finn said, “It was just Cyclops tears. You were pretty beat up from that hit Time Eater gave you.” Sonic rubbed his head, remembering the incident. He got a better look at his left shoulder and saw that the wound had disappeared. Realization suddenly hit him, and he started searching himself in a panic state. He said, “Where’s the emerald? I know I had it!!” Finn said in depression, “Sorry Sonic, they took it.” In an instant, Sonic grabbed Finn by his shirt and said, “YOU BETTER BE KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW FINN!!!!” He said, “I wish I was, but that’s what happened after Time Eater smacked you. You dropped the emerald and Discord took it.”

Sonic loosened his grip on him and said, “What about the other emerald?” Finn reached into his pack, pulled out the red emerald and said, “I put it away as soon as we kicked Xergiok’s butt, remember?” Sonic took the emerald and was relieved that they still had one emerald with them. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, “At least something good came out of this. Let’s get back to Ponyville guys, I’m sure the others got the emerald there by now.” Everyone nodded and they were ready to go.

After everyone gathered around him, Sonic raise the emerald up and said, “Chaos-” But before he activated the emeralds energy, Finn yelled, “Wait!” Sonic said, “What’s up Finn?” He asked, “Can Jake and I join you guys?” Sonic gave Finn a questioning look. Finn then said, “Discord was the one that tricked me into fighting you, and I’m not gonna let that son of a toot get away with that!” Sonic chuckled from his insult and said, “You’re a good fighter Finn; both of you are more than welcome to join us. How about you Silver?” Silver said, “Me and Blaze are here until Time Eater and Discord are stopped.” Sonic said, “Alright to Ponyville we go.” Sonic then said, “Chaos Control,” and with that, everyone was engulfed in a bright light and disappeared from the Tree Fort.


Earlier in Ponyville

As they got closer to their destination, Mordecai had finished telling Twilight about a problem that had happened at the park. It involved the ghost tape of the “Summertime Song” coming to life and annoying everyone with the song nonstop. Twilight said in surprise, “Wow, you and the park workers had to play a song of your own to stop that ghost tape, all right on the spot?” Mordecai said, “Well, ignoring it didn’t work. There wasn’t a lot we could do but do a song of our own.” Remembering their conversation from earlier, she said, “Well, I think it’s safe to say your future self had taught you well with playing the guitar.” Mordecai had a smile, knowing that she was impressed with him playing the guitar. Not wanting to tell her the whole incident, he said, “He actually taught me how to look like a rock star, rather than teach me to play the guitar. I’m no expert, but I do play it every now and then.” Twilight nodded at this and asked, “Do you think you can play a song that isn’t like the one you played for that ghost tape?” Mordecai shrugged and said, “I might.”

While they continued their walk, Twilight ended up thinking about how Mordecai was able to play the guitar and what got him into playing the guitar. But before she could ask, Mordecai had suddenly stopped walking. He said in relief, “Ugh, finally! I thought we’d never get here.” After coming out of her thoughts, Twilight looked over and saw that they had finally reached the top of the mountain, with the cave in sight. He then said, “Alright, this was a lot easier than I thought!” Twilight couldn’t help but smile at Mordecai’s excitement. She then said, “Besides climbing up here?” He said, “Well, yeah, besides that. No one ever said anything in life is easy.” She said, “That’s true. Let’s get that emerald and meet everyone at Sugarcube Corner.” Mordecai asked, “And get that chocolate cake for celebration?” Twilight said with a smile, “Sure.” He said, “Then what are we waiting for?!”

They walked into the cave and were ready to get the emerald. They walked towards a spot in the cave where a little bit of sunlight shown through a hole in the ceiling of the cave. Mordecai then pulled out the radar and checked the check the cave for the emeralds location. But before they could look over the radar, a sparkle of light had twinkled in the dark part of the cave. After seeing it, Mordecai asked, “Did you see that?” Twilight said, “Yes, I saw that.” He asked, “Could that be the emerald?” She said, “It might be, let’s check it out.”

As soon as they approached the dark part of the cave, Mordecai pulled out the flashlight and switched it on. Twilight used her horn and illuminated the cave with a light raspberry glow, helping Mordecai with the lighting in the cave. He turned to her and said, “That’s helpful.” She smiled shyly at him and said, “Thanks.” With the cave being lit up, they didn’t see anything in it that could cause some sort of trouble for them. With nothing to worry about, they walked over to a pedestal and grabbed the yellow emerald. After getting the emerald, both Mordecai and Twilight felt uneasy about the whole thing. Mordecai said, “That was just too easy.” Twilight asked, “You also think something’s up?” He said, “Yeah… I’ve played the video games and watched plenty of movies, and nothing is supposed to be that easy.” She said, “I’ve read these kinds of things in my books. Trust me, I know what you mean.”

They left the area, still feeling cautious over the emerald’s location. Mordecai looked at the yellow emerald, and couldn’t shake the feeling that something didn’t feel right. As they left the dark part of the cave, a sudden flash appeared behind them. They immediately turned around and saw Discord standing before them. Twilight said, “What do you want Discord?” He simply said, “I’m here to take what’s mine.” Mordecai said, “Hmm-hmm. You mean this?” He held up the emerald for Discord to see. His response was laughter, causing Mordecai and Twilight to look at each other in confusion. Mordecai then said, “What’s so funny? This just says that we have three emeralds to the zero you have.” Discord settled from his laughter and decided to take his plan into action.

Discord then said, “And what exactly are you going to do with a piece of stalactite?” Confused by this, Mordecai said, “Huh?” After looking at it again, the emerald changed into a piece of stalactite, as Discord stated. He dropped the stalactite and said, “What the -? Where’s the emerald?” After Mordecai turned his back to him, Discord snapped his fingers and teleported him back into the dark part of the cave and put up a force field, keeping him inside. Mordecai punched the force field, but it did him no good. Twilight then stamps her hoof into the ground, showing that she was readying herself to charge at Discord. Seeing this, he raised his hands in defense and said, “Before you do any sudden attacks, I think you should know something about your friend over there.” Twilight said, “I know enough. Whatever you have to say about him in another one of your lies wont work on me.” He then said in a know-it-all tone, “That’s the thing you don’t know, I know something that is actually truthful.” She laughed at this and says, “Yeah right. What makes you think this will be any different than the rest of the “truth’s” you’ve told?” He said, “Simple my dear. Your friend over there has been hiding something from you this whole time.”

Mordecai raised an eyebrow in curiosity and was wondering where he was going with the conversation. Discord then looked up to him, with an expression that says, “I know what you did”. Realization suddenly struck him and he said to himself, “Oh no…” He desperately started hitting the barrier and yelled, “Twilight, don’t listen to him!!!” By the time he warned her, Discord had already snapped his fingers and opened up a portal, revealing to her, what Mordecai didn’t want her to find out, his mishaps with the unicorns back at the park. Although what Discord was showing Twilight was the truth, he exaggerated that the unicorns that he killed weren’t the ones that he encountered, but they instead looked like the ones from Equestria. After seeing this, Mordecai desperately rammed his shoulder into the force field in an attempt to try and tell Twilight what she was seeing was a lie. Discord then let the force field fade, causing Mordecai to fall over after tried ramming it again.

After seeing Mordecai, Twilight backed away from him, looking completely terrified just seeing him. He desperately tried to reach his hand out to her and said, “Twilight please let me…” But before he could finish his plea, she ran out of the cave on the verge of crying. He yelled, “TWILIGHT!!” Hand still out, he felt hurt after seeing the scared look on Twilight’s face, not believing that everything was ruined. Discord chuckled at this and said, “This is just too entertaining.” He held the yellow emerald in his lion paw, while he ate his popcorn with his eagle claw, chuckling to himself and obviously enjoying the show. Mordecai’s once open hand had clutched into a fist in total anger. He glared at him and said, “This isn’t over Discord!” Discord looked at him with a smug look in his face and said, “Is that so? And what is it that you are going to do about it?”

As much as Mordecai wanted to punch him for what he did, he chose to try and fix the problem Discord created between him and Twilight instead and ran out of the cave. After Mordecai was out of sight, Discord snapped his fingers and teleported out of the cave. He ran as fast as he could in hopes of trying to catch up to Twilight, but when he exited the cave, he saw her activate her horn and disappeared before him. Mordecai fell to his knees after seeing her disappear, feeling completely sad from everything that had happened. He said in a sad tone, “Twilight… no.”

Before he could grieve over his loss, a bright light had appeared and revealed Shadow. After Shadow saw him, he said, “Mordecai, where’s Twilight?” They looked down the mountain and saw a magenta flash appear at the bottom of the mountain. Still feeling dejected, Mordecai said, “It looks like she’s down there, why?” Shadow said, “I’ll explain later, right now, we have a problem that needs to be fixed.” Before Mordecai could ask him what he was talking about, Shadow grabbed him and used Chaos Control.


Sonic and the group arrived in Ponyville. Sonic turned to the three new travelers and said, “Silver, Finn and Jake, welcome to Ponyville.” Not believing what he was seeing, Finn said in amazement, “Holy shmow” Jake nodded and said, “Yeah, this is some nice little place.”

Before Sonic showed everyone around, they saw a magenta flash, revealing Twilight running through it. Shortly after the first light, another bright light flashed revealing Shadow and Mordecai. Mordecai started running after Twilight after arriving. Sonic ran after them, wondering what happened. Once he caught up to Mordecai he asked, “Hey Mordo, what’s going on?” Mordecai said, “Discord came and messed with Twilight’s head.” Sonic asked, “Need some help?” Mordecai simply said, “Please.”

Twilight then ran into her home and as soon as she entered her home, she activated her magic and created a force field around her home. After seeing this, Sonic grabbed Mordecai’s hand and boosted to top speed and got them to Twilight’s house before the force field could close them out. After seeing the force field, everyone from the group gathered around the barrier, concerned for their friend. After catching his breath from the super speed he was put through, Mordecai said, “That was close, I’m glad you have great speed Sonic.” He said, “Thanks, what did Discord do exactly?”

Mordecai was reluctant on telling Sonic what had happened, but sighed in defeat, knowing there was no way around this and said, “He showed her about my mishap with some unicorns I had to deal with at the park.” Wanting him to continue, Sonic said, “And?” Mordecai continued by saying, “And I ended up helping Benson and Skips kill them.” Sonic jumped a little in surprise and said, “Dude!” Mordecai waived his hands and quickly said, “I swear the unicorns weren’t from here!” Sonic pointed to the tree and said, “Well you got to tell her the truth!” Mordecai retorted and said, “I’ve been trying to avoid telling her that story this whole time!” Sonic said, “Well you have no choice now do ya?!”

Mordecai knew Sonic was right; he looked at Twilight’s door and walked over to the door, hoping that he can fix the mess Discord created for him. Once he got to the door, he knocked on it. Twilight yelled, “GO AWAY MORDECAI!” Mordecai said in a pleading tone, “Twilight, can you at least let me explain my side of the story?” Twilight said, “What’s there to explain? You killed unicorns!” Mordecai flinched from Twilight’s yelling, while Sonic covered his ears from her yelling. Everyone from the group that was gathered near the barrier, gasped in shock, while Rarity did an overdramatic faint from hearing what Twilight had yelled. Mordecai had seen everyone’s faces from the outburst and knew there was no hiding the incident now. Rigby went to the others and said, “Just give him a chance to explain.” The group nodded to him and he gave Mordecai the thumbs up to say they will listen. After feeling comfortable from the news, he turned back to the closed door and said, “Okay, it’s true, they were unicorns, but they weren’t any unicorns from around here, they were thugs.”

After hearing no response from Twilight, Mordecai took it as a sign that instead of being berated by her, she was going to listen to his story. He continued telling the story by saying, “Ok, there was this one time that I bought some cologne. At first, I thought it would attract some women, but after I sprayed more than I should have, it attracted these unicorns instead. They told me they could help me get with the ladies, but instead, they ended up pranking me throughout the day, and eventually, they talked themselves into throwing a party at my house.” Confused, Pinkie Pie asked, “What’s wrong with a party?” Sonic turned to her and said, “Not like your kind of parties Pinkie. It’s a different kind of a party, where they trash the place up and destroy everything in the house.”

Mordecai said, “Yeah, what he said Pinkie. Eventually, after they vandalized the park, trashed our home and Benson tied up and gagged, both me and Rigby went to Skips and asked for his help. He told us that there was only one thing they could never say no to, and that was drag racing. We set their racecar up with explosives and talked them into using it. We ended up sending them flying in the car off a ramp and blew up the car with them in it.” Mordecai let the story sink in for everyone after explaining it. All he could hope for was Twilight to be the one to have heard it. Mordecai was on his knees and leaning against the door, hoping she was listening. He then said, “Twilight, I know I didn’t kill those unicorns with my own hands, but I still took part of that plan. All I want you to know is that, I would never hurt you or any of the other ponies here in Equestria. All I can ask for is your forgiveness over this, if you don’t, I understand.”

As Mordecai said this, he shed a tear and it hit the stone pavement on Twilight’s doorstep. He got on his feet and was about to leave, but Twilight opened the door and brought the shield down. She looked him in the eye and asked, “So they weren’t from Equestria you said?” He said, “No, they weren’t.” After seeing the look in his eyes, she saw that he was telling the truth. She broke eye contact from him, lowering her head in the process, feeling guilty for what has happened and said, “I’m sorry I jumped to that conclusion without hearing your side. Can you forgive me for that?” Mordecai places his index finger under her chin, lifts her head up to him and said, “As long as you forgive me.” After hearing his proposal, Twilight gave him a sweet smile, a nod and gave him a hug. Mordecai blushed from the sudden contact, but he returned the hug and smiled himself, knowing that she didn’t hate him and had forgiven him.

Sonic said, “Alright! Glad to see these two made up.” After hearing him, Mordecai became curious on how things went for him and the others and asked, “Oh Sonic, did you get the emerald at that place we were at.” Finn interrupted the conversation and said, “It’s called the Land of Ooo, and yeah, they got the emerald there, but lost the other emerald that they already had.” Shocked from this, Mordecai said, “What? How did you -?” Finn answered flatly, “Discord.” Twilight asked, “He was there too?” Sonic said, “Yeah, he was. We could explain the rest, but after what we’ve all been through, I think we should get some rest.”

Disappointed at hearing this, Finn said, “What?! C’mon Sonic, you got me super pumped for this adventure! Why should we stop right now?” Sonic turned to him and said, “Because that last Chaos Control I did, really took a lot out of me.” Finn scratched the back of his head, still not sure about resting and said, “Well…” Jake interrupted his thinking and said, “I think that would be the best, I’m sure that fight you and Finn had, must have drained him as well.” Sonic turned to the other and asked, “Does anyone else want to rest for now?” Everyone looked to one another and decided that resting for the day would be the best. They all nodded at Sonic in agreement. He said, “Looks like we’re all taking the rest of today off.”

After agreeing with Sonic, the ponies decided to offer a place to stay for everyone for the night. Twilight turned to Mordecai and asked, “Mordecai, would you and Rigby like to stay here for tonight?” Rigby looked into the still open door and said, “What? I don’t want to spend a night in a boring old-.” Mordecai interrupted his complaint and punched him in the shoulder. He rubbed his shoulder and said, “Owww!” Mordecai said with a smile, “We’d love to Twilight, thanks.”

Applejack asked, “Finn, Jake, you two wouldn’t mind being on an apple farm for tonight, would ya?” Finn said, “Not at all, thanks AJ.” Pinkie asked, “Shadow, Rouge party at Sugarcube Corner?” Shadow rolled his eyes at her request. Rouge held back a chuckle and said, “I don’t know about a party, but we’d like to spend the night.” Rarity asked, “Silver, Blaze, would the two of you like to stay at my boutique?” Silver gave Blaze a questioning look. She turned to Rarity and said, “That would be nice, thank you.” Rainbow Dash asked, “Hey Knuckles, you don’t mind staying in my home do you?” Knuckles turned to her and asked, “Where is that exactly?” She said, “It’s not too far from here, but it shouldn’t be hard to miss, since it’s a cloud home.” He was left confused from what she just said, but before he could ask her what she was talking about, Twilight had cast a spell on him. She turned to Rainbow Dash and said, “You can’t expect him to just walk on clouds, do you?” Knuckles asked, “Wait, I can walk on clouds now?” She said, “Just for tonight.”

Fluttershy walked up to Sonic and said, “Um, Sonic. You, Tails and Amy are welcomed to stay at my cottage, if that’s okay with you that is.” He said, “I’d like that, thanks.” Sonic then turned to everyone and asked, “Ok, meet you all back at the library in the morning?” Everyone gave their responses, saying they will meet up at the library, and with that, everyone went their separate ways with the ponies. When they were alone, Sonic turned to Fluttershy and asked, “Hey Fluttershy, can you take Tails and Amy to your cottage without me? I have a few things to take of. It won’t take long.” She said, “Ok. My cottage isn’t too far from here. It’s the tree before going into the Everfree Forest.” He said with a grin, “I’ll remember that, see ya.”

He waived goodbye and took off in an instant.


As Mordecai and Rigby entered Twilight’s house, she showed them the guest room, but the only thing that was in the room was one bed. Leaving the two to arguing over the bed. Mordecai said, “Dude, I’m not sharing the bed.” Rigby said, “Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who gets the bed.” They both closed their hands into fists and shook them three times, after the third time, Mordecai used scissors, while Rigby used rock, showing that he won. Rigby had a smug look on his face and said, “Hmm-hmm.” Mordecai said in defeat, “Ugh! Fine, take the bed!”

Rigby then walked into the guest room, still holding his cocky grin and closed the door on him. Mordecai then walked upstairs to talk to Twilight. After he got to the room, he said, “Hey Twilight, is there any other rooms in here? Rigby took the guest room.” She said, “Sorry Mordecai, that was the only guest room.” She then turned to him and asked, “Can I ask you something?” Mordecai shrugged at this and said, “Sure, go ahead.” She felt embarrassed for asking this, but she pushed forward and said, “Is it alright if you keep me company tonight? After what we’ve been through, I don’t want to sleep by myself tonight.” Shocked by this, Mordecai said, “WHAT?!” Twilight said, “Please…just tonight?” Still feeling uncomfortable from the request, Mordecai said, “I don’t know, maybe I should just…” He was going to say no, but after seeing her put on the puppy dog  eyes and on the verge of tears, he couldn’t help but feel bad about the incident and just couldn’t say no to her. He was reluctant, but he said, “Alright, just for tonight.”

All of the worry left Twilight in that instant, and she gave Mordecai a hug as a thank you. After the hug, Mordecai pulled up the two sheets for the bed and crawled under them, while Twilight pulled the top sheet and crawled under it. She then rested her head on his chest, leaving him with a blush in the process. After calming down, Mordecai gently rubbed Twilight’s head with his left hand. After rubbing her head, he noticed that she had fallen asleep. He smiled to himself, glad to see that she still trusts him despite how the day went. Shortly after, he fell asleep himself.


After seeing Mordecai and Twilight getting settled, Sonic smiled to himself, glad to see that nothing bad had happened to them with their encounter with Discord. After relaxing on the tree branch, Sonic started thinking about what could have happened because of Discord. Both he and Finn could have been killed, and Twilight would have been too depressed to try and help stop him. After jumping off of the tree branch, Sonic remembered his last trip in Canterlot and said to himself, “The Elements of Harmony. I’ve already seen what they can do; I hope Celestia can tell me more about them.”

Sonic jumped off the tree and ran to Canterlot with all of his speed. He followed the train tracks like he did the last time, and got to Canterlot in no time. After arriving, and getting past the guards, he entered the castle and started looking for Celestia. Once he arrived in the throne room, instead of seeing Celestia, he saw that there was a different pony. The pony’s coat was dark sapphire blue, while her mane was a cobalt blue color. He said, “Hello there.” The sudden outburst startled the lunar princess. She turned to see who stood before her in the throne room and said, “Who are you, how did you get in here?” He said, “I’m Sonic the Hedgehog. As for how I got in, I just told the guards outside that I knew Twilight Sparkle, and they let me in.” The pony calmed down after hearing he was a friend of Twilight’s and said, “It is nice to meet you Sonic, I’m Princess Luna, Celestia’s younger sister.”

Sonic bows to her and says, “Nice to meet you too Luna, and speaking of Celestia, is she around? I needed to ask her something.” She says, “No, my sister is sleeping right now. But I’m sure whatever you needed to ask her, I should be able to help out the best I can.” He shrugged and said, “Ok, I wanted to ask her what she knew about the Elements of Harmony.”
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Chapter 11: coming soon

Chapter 8.5 is finally here! Man this chapter took a lot longer than I wanted it to. Here's a summary for this chapter.

Like I said in the last chapter, this chapter was a lot longer than I thought it would be. As left off on Chapter 8, Sonic and Finn were in a fight, and Finn was going to strike Sonic, until he got an old sword of Finn's and fought back with it. The fight was eventually settled after Silver arrives and stops the fight and helps them with a problem that arises in the Goblin Kingdom.

Back in Ponyville, Mordecai and Twilight arrive at the cave on top of the mountain and get the emerald, but later found out they were tricked by Discord with a fake emerald. Discord eventually shows Twilight the events that Mordecai had gone through at the park with the unicorns, although, the unicorns were replaced with unicorns that looked like they were from Equestria. This caused her to panic and she became scarred of Mordecai.

After Sonic and the others arrive with Finn and Jake, they see Twilight running from Mordecai. Sonic ends up helping Mordecai fix the problem that happened to them, and they eventually make up. After everything was settled, it was later decided that everyone should get some rest, before continuing with their search for the remaining Chaos Emeralds. But while everyone rested, Sonic decides to get more info on the Elements of Harmony before he rests, and encounters Princess Luna while doing so.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze and Time Eater belong to Sega

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Princess Luna and Discord belong to Hasbro

Mordecai and Rigby belong to JG Quintel

Finn, Jake, Billy, Flambo and Xergiok belong to Pendleton Ward
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