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Ed was sitting in his basement and was reading one of his comic books on his bed, completely lost in the story he was reading. The comic was called, “The Revenge of Evil Tim”. He continued reading from page to page, until he heard a knock on his window. After getting off his bed, Ed opened the window and discovered that Eddy and Double D were the ones that were knocking on his window.

He was going to give them a hug, but Eddy grabbed one of his arms and slammed him into the ground. Ed groaned at this and asked in confusion, “What did I do?” Double D attempted to pull him back up, he strained himself, but he eventually got him off the ground and said, “It’s not you Eddy’s mad at, he’s still peeved from yesterday.” They approached Eddy and attempted to calm him down. After calming him down, the trio then left Ed’s backyard and began walking with no direction set. The walk eventually led the Eds to walk down the Lane, and go to their hangout.


Shortly after they walked down the Lane, a bright light had flashed in the playground, revealing Sonic and co.; after arriving, everyone did a quick look around. Pinkie asked, “We’re back at the park?” Mordecai said, “No, the park is a lot bigger than this.” Sonic turned to Tails and asked, “So the emerald is here?” Tails looked over the monitor and said, “Not ‘right here’, right here, but it is nearby.” Tails tried to determine the emeralds location, but the radar started acting up again. Knuckles shook his head at this and said, “Better find it, before someone else does.” Twilight said, “Ok, it doesn’t look like this place is that big, so I think we can split up into teams to cover more ground.” Everyone agreed to Twilight’s proposal and she assigned Sonic, Tails, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Knuckles and Silver as team one. Team two had Amy, Rouge, Rarity, Blaze and herself. Team three had Applejack, Finn, Jake, Shadow, Pinkie Pie, Mordecai and Rigby. The three teams split up and looked around the closest areas to the playground.


Team one went to the houses. After talking with the ponies, Tails gave the radar to Rigby, so team three can try to look for the emerald in the woods, while Rarity’s gem-finding spell can help team two in the construction zone. Once Sonic and his team arrived at the houses, he suggested for them to check the roofs of the homes, just incase the emerald was up there. Tails, Silver and Rainbow flew up to the roofs, while Sonic, Fluttershy and Knuckles checked the ground. Sonic turned and noticed Fluttershy was still on the ground and asked, “Fluttershy, what are you doing on the ground? Shouldn’t you be up there with the others?” She said, “I thought it would be easier if we had three each on the ground and on the roofs.” She mumbled something else, but he didn’t notice it. Without pursuing the issue any farther, Sonic shrugged it off and started their search for the emerald around the homes.

While on the ground, Fluttershy had seen a house nearby and spotted a pig and a goat. After seeing them, she immediately thought about asking them for help. Sonic noticed her walking towards the house and followed her. As they entered the backyard, the pig, known as Wilfred, and the goat, known as Victor, had stopped eating and saw the duo. Before Victor got defensive with the intruders, Fluttershy noticed the change in his behavior and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay. We’re not here to cause any trouble.” Both Wilfred and Victor looked at each other in confusion after the pegasus had spoken to them, while Sonic looked at her in shock thinking to himself, “Did she just speak to actual farm animals?”

After getting their attention, she said, “Hello there, my name’s Fluttershy, and this is Sonic.” After being introduced, Sonic waived awkwardly to Victor and Wilfred. Fluttershy continued talking to them and said, “We’re here to try and find something that belongs to him that might have come here. Did either of you see anything by chance?” While they were talking to Fluttershy, Knuckles entered the yard and spotted Sonic. Once he approached him, he said, “We haven’t found anything around the houses, why’s Fluttershy-?” Sonic stopped him from talking by raising a finger to silence him and said, “She’s asking them if they saw the emerald.” Surprised by this, Knuckles said, “She can talk to these animals?” Sonic nodded and said, “And I think she can understand them as well.”

After she finished talking to Wilfred and Victor, Fluttershy turned to Sonic and said, “They said they saw something fall in that direction a couple of nights ago.” She pointed a hoof past the houses. Still trying to take in the fact that she spoke to animals, Sonic regained his composure and said, “Well…that’s very helpful of them.” The trio waved at Victor and Wilfred and left the yard.


Team two arrived at the construction zone and decided to split into two groups. Twilight and Blaze searched one side of the construction zone, while Rarity, Rouge and Amy searched the other. Curious about the ability, Rouge turned to her and asked, “So you use that spell to find gems?” Rarity said, “Yeah, why do you ask?” Rouge said, “I never knew a pony could do any treasure hunting.” Rarity quickly said, “Oh nonononononono, it’s not like that. I just look for the gems I would need to make my dresses.” Rouge looked at her in surprise and said, “You use the gems to help make your dresses? I gotta give some of them a look later.” Amy shook her head at this and thought to herself, “I really hope she doesn’t get robbed.”

Amy went over to Twilight and Blaze to see if she could help them. By the time she approached them, Blaze walked up to her and said, “Amy, could you see if you can help Twilight with her problem?” Before she could ask what the problem was, Blaze had already left and was walking towards Rouge and Rarity. Still confused, Amy walked over to Twilight, who was lifting some of the construction equipment with her magic. After setting them down, Amy said, “Blaze said you needed help with something. Do you mind telling me what kind of help you need?” Twilight felt nervous about what she wanted to ask. She tried to change the subject and said, “Ugh, it’s nothing. I think some of my books back home might help me on this.”

Amy saw the nervous smile Twilight had, and wasn’t going to let the subject go so easily. Twilight lifted a cement mixer and tried to see if the emerald was under it. Amy then said, “You like someone, don’t ya?” After hearing the question, Twilight dropped the cement mixer in surprise. She turned to Amy and said, “Wh-what? What makes you say that?” Amy said, “It’s a sixth sense for me, plus your not hiding it with that blush on your face.” As stated, Twilight had a light blush on her face, but it only grew darker after it was pointed out.

After proving her point, Amy said with a smirk, “So…who’s the lucky guy you’ve got a crush on?” Unsure about what she was feeling, Twilight said, “Even if what I’m feeling is a crush, how can you tell?” Feeling content with the question, Amy said, “Just thinking about that special someone alone, makes every little moment in your life huge!” After hearing this, Twilight started thinking about her possible crush again. Her blush returned after thinking it over, but another thought had come to her mind as she realized something. She turned to Amy, who was lost in her own thoughts, and said, “I still have one more thing to bring up. My crush isn’t exactly a pony, its Mordecai.” Amy snapped back to reality after hearing this. Feeling discomfort overtake her, Twilight said, “Wouldn’t it be weird if someone had feelings for someone that wasn’t the same species as them?”

Amy said, “That shouldn’t matter at all! I mean, my friend Cream, her mom Vanilla the Rabbit, has feelings for Vector the Crocodile, and it doesn’t bother her that he’s different. Rouge teases Knuckles almost all the time, and she is very close to Shadow. I don’t think it matters to her either.” Twilight stared at her in shock after hearing these examples. Wanting to get to the point, Amy took Twilight’s hooves into her hands and said, “What I’m trying to say is that, if you do have feelings for Mordecai, don’t let any differences you have with him stop you from being happy.”

Twilight smiled after hearing what Amy had to say. She then said, “Thank you Amy, it means a lot to get some help on this.” Amy smiled, gave her a hug and said, “What are friends for?” After they finished hugging, Rarity said to them, “Girls! I think I found where the emerald is!”


Team three had arrived in the forest, however, Rigby was seen trying to work the radar. Seeing him struggle, Shadow said, “Did you break it already?!” Rigby said, “No! The screen’s just black.” Rigby then handed the radar to Mordecai so he can continue his argument with Shadow. While they were bickering, Mordecai looked over the radar and saw what the problem was. Shadow had Rigby in a headlock and was about to punch him, until Mordecai said, “Dudes, it’s cool. It was only turned off.” Still in the headlock, Rigby crossed his arms with pride and said, “Hmm, hmm, hmm.” Shadow still gave Rigby a punch in the face after his gloating. After taking the radar back, Shadow said, “Me, Finn and Jake will look over the trees to see where the radar will point to.” Mordecai said, “That’s cool, we’ll look down here on the ground.” Shadow walked over to Finn and Jake and asked if they could have a better look over the trees, the duo nodded in agreement. Applejack also asked if she could join them, and the duo gave her a nod as well. After Finn told Shadow and Applejack to get on Jake’s back, Jake stretched his legs and lifted them over the trees.

Mordecai was looking past the trees, looking towards the construction zone. Pinkie noticed this and said, “Hey Mordecai, what are you looking at?” He snapped out of his thoughts and quickly said, “Huh? Oh, uh. Nothing. It’s nothing.” Rigby scoffed at his response and said, “Yeah right, he’s just thinking about Twi-.” Before he could finish his sentence, Mordecai punched him in the shoulder, he groaned and rubbed his shoulder after the hit he received. Pinkie bounced around them and said in excitement, “Ooh, if your thinking about somepony, then it must mean you like them. Is it somepony I know? Is it? Is it? Huh huh huh?” Mordecai thought about not telling her, but he didn’t feel like keeping this a secret anymore.

He turned to her and said, “I’ll tell ya, only if you keep it between us.” Pinkie nodded to this and said, “Sure! I’ll give you my Pinkie Promise to prove it.” Before she could do the motions to her Pinkie Promise, Rigby had extended his pinky finger to her. She looked at him in confusion and said, “Um, Rigby, what are you doing?” He said, “A pinky promise, what does it look like?” Mordecai slapped Rigby on the back of his head and said, “Dude! Does it look like there’s a pinky on that hoof?” Rigby looked at the hoof, put his hand down slowly after realization had hit him and said, “Oh, right. Sorry.” Pinkie giggled at this and said, “It’s alright.” She said, while doing her motions, “Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.”

Mordecai thought it was odd, but he felt that she could keep his secret. He motioned her to come closer so he could tell her. Once she was close enough, he said with a light blush present on his face, “I… I have a crush on Twilight.” Pinkie gasped in surprise from the news. She looked at him, still in shock and said, “Really?” He responded to her question with a shy smile and a nod. After getting over her shock over the news, Pinkie said with a smile, “Don’t worry about it. Your secret’s safe with me.” Relieved by this, Mordecai said, “Thanks, Pinkie.”

Back with Shadow, Applejack, Finn and Jake, Finn was trying to get to know Shadow better. He said, “Anything on the radar yet?” Not much of a conversation type of person, Shadow said, “Not yet.” Finn nodded at this and thought over a few things to talk about. After coming up with something, he said, “Why are swiss rolls your favorite treat?” Shadow said, “Because they’re good. Is that a problem?” Finn quickly said, “No, no problem. It’s just that, I like apple pie.”

After hearing this, Applejack said, “Really? Who makes them?” Jake chimed in and said, “Our friend Tree Trunks makes the best apple pies back in Ooo.” Applejack said with a smile, “I’d like to meet her sometime, but I can tell you two right now that I can make a good apple pie myself.” Finn said, “Really?” Applejack chuckled at his surprise and said, “Sugarcube, I live on an apple farm. Me and the rest of my family make a lot of good apple products.” Before she could tell them what they make, Finn said, “We’ll start with the apple pie when we get back to Equestria, if that’s ok.” Applejack said, “That’d be fine.”

After the radar had picked up something, Shadow yelled to the others and said, “Hey guys! I finally found the emerald!”


The teams met up again at the entrance of the Lane and they each had news of the emerald. Fluttershy spoke first and said, “I talked with some animals and they told me that they saw something go in that direction.” She pointed in the direction in the Lane. Knuckles said, “I don’t know how that works, but I do sense something over there.” Twilight said, “Rarity said she picked something up with her magic over there as well.” Mordecai said, “That’s cool, the radar picked something up over there, but from where we were on Jake’s back, it looked like a junkyard.” Rarity said, “A junkyard? Really?” Sonic said, “Wherever the emerald is, we’re going.” And with that, the group walked into the Lane, towards the Junkyard.


In the Junkyard, the Eds were in their purple retro van, with flames painted on the sides. Eddy was on the driver’s seat, Ed was on the passenger seat with his head sticking out the window, and Double D was resting on the waterbed behind them. They had been running potential scams to each other after arriving. Double D said while going through his notepad, “How about we try the Pesky Problem Fixers again?” Eddy said, “The only call we ever got on that was from some dumb broke kid, I’m not gonna go through with that again.” Double D flipped a page and said, “Go-kart racing?” Eddy thought this over and said, “Maybe, but I don’t feel like doing the go-kart racing idea right now.” Ed got back in the van and said, “How about a pool party?” Eddy turned to him and said, “Who does a pool party in spring?” After seeing how down he looked, Double D asked, “What’s wrong Eddy?” Eddy said, “Nothing. Just going through another scam block is all. I think we just need a break from all of this.” Double D said, “With the kids being sick, I don’t think that’ll be a problem.”

After a few minutes of relaxing, Ed looked out the passenger window and noticed something. Feeling excited from what he saw, he said, “Is that a mutant horse?” Thinking their friend was being random again, both Eddy and Double D ignored him. Ed then said while pointing, “Honest and for truly guys, I think I see a mutant horse over there.” Eddy shook his head at this, while Double D checked out the drop-shaped window, still in doubt from what Ed was saying. After looking out the window, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was actually seeing a white unicorn in the Junkyard. He immediately pulled out his notepad and started taking notes from what he was seeing.

Shortly after seeing the white unicorn, he saw a second unicorn, this one however, was lavender colored. They both had picked up some of the garbage with their magic, however the white unicorn looked disgusted after grabbing the garbage. Double D then said in excitement, “Eddy! Ed wasn’t lying! I see two unicorns!” After they had set the garbage down, Eddy turned to see them. Eddy being himself, said, “Guys, we pulled a unicorn stunt ourselves. Those could be kids in costumes themselves.” Double D rolled his eyes at this and thought, “Honestly Eddy, what kid could be shorter than you?”

Once the unicorns had left, Double D decided to leave the van and wanted to do a personal research on them. Noticing this, Eddy said, “Where ya goin?” He soon after left the van, with Ed following behind, tripping while he exited the van. They then climbed over some of the garbage and began observing them. After a short while, four other ponies had arrived, two of them, adding to Double D’s surprise were pegasi, while the other two were regular ponies, but the thing that surprised him the most was that each of the other equine were a different Technicolor.

As they continued to watch, a six-foot blue jay and a raccoon had suddenly appeared. The lavender unicorn turned to the blue jay and said, “Did you find anything Mordecai?” Mordecai shook his head at this. After hearing the unicorn speak, Eddy said in shock, “THEY CAN TA-!” Before he could finish his sentence, Double D covered Eddy’s mouth as quick as he could.

After hearing the random outburst, Rigby asked, “Did anyone else hear that?” Double D then said in a hushed tone, “Ssh Eddy! We don’t want to scare them off.” Ed approached the duo and said, “Scare who off?” They then pulled him down and ducked in an attempt to hide and not be seen by them. The junk they were on however, had started to rumble, and Jake the dog had stretched out from under them. He said, “Couldn’t find it underground from where I dug.” He then noticed the garbage on his head and brushed it off. After the swipe, he felt a few things grabbing his hand. He checked his hand and saw three kids hanging onto his hand for dear life. He gave them an apologetic look and said, “Oops, sorry.” He then shrunk down in size and set them on the ground. After they let him go, they were left in a state of shock from what they had seen within the last few minutes.

Finn approached the group and said, “I found nothing on my end.” He then noticed the Eds and thought with a smile, “Cool, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only human alive.” He approached them and said, “Hey, what’s-whoa. What’s got you three scared?” After hearing the new voice, Double D and Eddy stopped their shacking and turned to Finn. Eddy said, “Who are you supposed to be?” Finn said, “I’m Finn, and the dog you see is Jake.” Ed continued shaking, but instead of it being out of fear, it was out of excitement. He then grabbed the ponies, Mordecai, Rigby and Jake into a big hug. Still excited, Ed said, “Look at all these new furry friends guys!”

They all struggled to get free, not because of the strong hold he had on them, but because of the bad smell coming from him. Double D seeing this, said, “Ed, let them go!” After doing what he was told, Ed instantly let everyone go. Once they were released, they all took deep breaths, recovering from what they experienced from him.

After hearing the shout, Sonic and the others came around a corner and approached the group. Sonic said, “What’s wrong guys?” Tails said, “We heard shouting, is everything alright?” Ed seeing the new animals, as well as recognizing them, just stared at them in shock. Still trying to catch his breath, Mordecai said, “We’re fine, just don’t let that kid hug you. It smells like a skunk died on him or something.” Remembering an encounter she had with a skunk family, Twilight shivered at this and said, “Ugh, please don’t remind me.” Mordecai noticed the angry glare he was getting from Eddy, he looked behind him and saw that there was no one behind him. He gave him a friendly wave and said, “Um…hello.” Eddy said, “Are you really some kind of bird or something?” Feeling confused, Mordecai said, “Uh, yeah. I’m not sure what gave it away, the feathers, or the beak. Why?” Eddy just said, “I hate birds.” Feeling defensive from this, Mordecai said, “Whoa, whoa. Dude, not cool. I don’t even know you, and you’re already like this? I thought Rigby had problems.” After hearing this, Rigby said, “Hey!”

Before anything could escalate between Eddy and Mordecai, Double D said, “Eddy, that was rude.” He then turned to Mordecai and said, “I’m sorry for Eddy’s rude behavior, it’s just been a bad day for him.” Mordecai said, “Yeah, I guess.” Realization suddenly hit him, as he said, “Where are my manners? My name is Eddward, but my friends call me Double D, and as you know, this is Eddy, and the tall one is Ed.” After hearing this, Mordecai couldn’t help but laugh. He then said, “Wait, Ed, Edd and Eddy? What are the chances of meeting three kids with the same name?” Hearing this, Rigby said, “Are you serious?” After calming down from his laughter, Mordecai said, “My name is Mordecai, and this is Rigby.” Double D then approached the duo and said, “How is it that you are a blue jay? I’ve never seen one as tall as a person before.” As he was talking to them, he was writing notes down on his notepad. He turned to Rigby and said, “And I’ve never seen a raccoon as big as you. A normal one isn’t that tall, you also look a little bigger than twenty pounds.”  Getting annoyed with Double D, Rigby said, “STOP TALKING!” Eddy lightly scoffed to this and said to himself, “If only.”

After feeling his hostility, Double D slowly backed away from Rigby and focused his attention on the ponies. After focusing his attention on the ponies, Twilight spoke up and said, “Sorry about Rigby’s short fuse.” Double D waived it off and said, “It’s no trouble, I have to deal with Eddy’s temper myself.” Twilight then said, “My name is Twilight Sparkle, and these are my friends, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. We’re from a town called Ponyville.” As he was writing everything down, he suppressed the urge to laugh at the name of where the ponies had come from. After they introduced themselves, he said, “I’ve never seen any equine like you six before. Two unicorns and two pegasi are one thing, but all of you have very unique and wonderful Technicolor coats.” The ponies smiled at his comment, while Rarity blushed at this and said, “I’m glad someone has a good eye for noticing personal care.”

After finishing talking to the ponies, Double D and Eddy turned to see Ed still staring at Sonic and co. Sonic looked to them and gave them a confused look to see why he was like this. Eddy went to Ed’s side and said, “Hey lumpy, snap out of it!” Ed finally snapped out of his trance after hearing the sudden outburst and said, “Guys, don’t you recognize who’s here? It's Sonic and his friends.” Sonic looked at him and said, “You’ve heard about us?” Ed turned back to them and said in excitement, “Who can forget a demonic alien invasion?” Shadow cringed at the mention of the incident with Black Doom, while the others looked on in shock. Twilight said, “An alien invasion?” Amy waved off the question and said, “It’s a long story.”

Ed said, “What brings you to these parts?” Eddy chimed in and said, “And what’s with the traveling petting zoo you got going?” Sonic pulled out the red emerald and said, “We’re here to try and look for one of these.” Ed looked at it admiringly and said, “Cool.” Double D saw the gem and said, “What’s that supposed to be?” Before Sonic could say anything, a familiar voice interrupted him and said, “That would be a Chaos Emerald.” Everyone looked up to see Discord floating above them with a smug look on his face. After seeing the draconequus, Eddy said, “Whoa! Serious freak show!” Discord snapped his talons and a cotton candy appeared next to him. He then made a glass appear in his talon and placed it under the cloud while it rained chocolate milk into the glass.

After getting his glass filled, Discord said, “You haven’t seen anything yet short stack.” Paying no attention to Eddy’s anger, Discord drank his milk as if nothing was wrong. Double D turned to Twilight and was going to ask who the mysterious creature was, but she beat him to the question and said, “That’s Discord, we’re trying to get the emeralds before he does.” Discord appeared between Twilight and Double D and said, “And you will fail on this one just as you did the last. How you may ask? I brought a friend from Tartarus that would just love to meet you.” This knowledge shocked Twilight to no end. Discord snapped his talons and disappeared in an instant.

After he disappeared, Eddy said, “What a load of bunk. We can find that emerald before he can. We know this junkyard like the back of our hands.” He started walking away, but the walk was short-lived as he reached the edge of the spot they were on and almost fell off the edge. Rainbow Dash grabbed him by the shirt just in time and pulled him back. Eddy said, “Thanks Rainbow.” Confused by this, Sonic said, “What happened?” He went to the edge and saw that the entire junkyard was ripped from the ground and was floating in the air.

Before any questions could be asked, Pinkie Pie’s tail started twitching and she said, “My Pinkie Sense! Twitch-a-twitch! Twitch-a-twitch!” Double D looked at her in confusion and said, “Pinkie what?” In an attempt to save him from what she had been through, Twilight said, “You don’t want to go there. Trust me.” After hearing the outburst, Eddy said, “Pinkie Sense? Who writes this stuff?” Pinkie looked at him in confusion and said, “Wrote what? I named it myself.” Before anyone could question anything, they heard flapping in the air. After a few moments, a giant blue demon fell from the sky and landed in front of the group emitting a growl after it landed. The demon’s appearance was a shock to see. It towered over everyone in size, it had two pairs of wings on its back, with one set of wings was on its head, sharp teeth, three fingers and toes, a red spike on it’s ankles and elbows, green blood-shot eyes and two horns on it’s head.

Trying to keep a brave face, Mordecai leaned over to Twilight and said, “Twi, please tell me you know what that thing is.” Twilight said, “The demon is known as Zodick. He has been known for trying to take Equestria with his ability to summon an army of monsters. He almost succeeded with his army, until Princess Celestia and Princess Luna put an end to his attack and eventually sealed him in Tartarus. It has been said that the monsters he summoned disappeared after he was sealed away, but some of them have escaped into the Everfree Forest for survival.”

After looking it over, Eddy said, “It kinda looks like you Sonic.” Feeling angered by this, Sonic turned to him, pointed at the demon and said, “That thing looks NOTHING like me!” Zodick laughed at Sonic as he raised his right hand. In an instant, the demon summoned a monster that the Eds recognized. He summoned Edzilla, however, instead of it’s appearance looking like an assembled mess as Eddy and Double D remembered it, Edzilla actually had an appearance of a real monster. It still retained its grey color, but instead of it looking leathery, it looked scaly, the two hands that it had were real mouths instead of the makeshift mouths they made, the suction cups they put on the costume now resembled the suction cups an octopus had, a few more tentacles were visible on its upper body, the horns on its head and the spikes on its back appeared sharp. Sonic leaned towards Eddy and said, “Any idea what that thing is?” Eddy slowly nodded his head and said, “That was supposed to be a costume we tried to have Ed wear for an old scam of ours. We never named it ourselves, but we have known it as Edzilla, because of how much destruction he can cause.”

Zodick then raised his arm and summoned a traffic cone that had a drawn face on it, an egg that had a drawing on it, and the Piggy Bank Belly Pumper. Once they were out, Zodick used his powers to transform the objects into his own army. The traffic cone, which the Eds know it as Bob, came to life and took on a monstrous look of its own, the egg, that Ed remembered as Double G, had split into twenty four eggs, each of the eggs grew arms and also had a monster appearance, and the Piggy Bank Belly Pumper came to life. After seeing what they were going to deal with, Eddy yelled, “Quick, scatter!” Everyone then split up to avoid the army Zodick summoned, while Sonic stood his ground, glaring at the demon.


While leaving everyone with Zodick, Discord started looking around the now empty junkyard for the emerald. After going around the empty area, he didn’t see any sign of the emerald. He was going to stop his search, until he noticed something on the ground. Once he got a better look at it, he said, “Is that the emerald’s imprint?”

As stated, the spot he was looking at was the exact shape of the emerald, leaving Discord to groan in frustration. He then said, “It just had to be on the junkyard.” He left the ground and started flying towards the floating junkyard, in hopes to getting the emerald before Sonic and the other’s find it before him.


After splitting up, Mordecai had realized that he had nothing to use to defend himself against the army that had been summoned. He grabbed a rusted pipe and tried to use it against the traffic cone monster, but it grabbed the pipe and tossed it out of Mordecai’s hands. After getting distance from the traffic cone, he hid behind a trash pile and avoided confrontation with the monster. Shortly after, Finn had arrived with his family sword unsheathed as he had stabbed one of the egg monsters with it.

He then noticed that Finn still had a second sword still sheathed on his backpack. He said, “Hey Finn, is it cool if I borrow your second sword?” Finn looked at him in confusion and realized he still had the Root Sword with him and said, “Oh, I forgot I still had this. Sure, go ahead.” Mordecai then pulled the sword out of the pack and felt more confident in himself for the fight. After getting the Root Sword, Rigby just ran past him and Finn, with the traffic cone monster not too far behind him. Mordecai then chased after them, ready to help Rigby.

Rigby was then cornered and the traffic cone slowly approached him, taunting him with every step. Rigby shielded his eyes and screamed, believing that it was the end for him. As the traffic cone was an inch away from him, Mordecai stabbed the monster from behind, ending its existence and the drawn face was the only feature present on it. After retracting the sword from the traffic cone, Mordecai said, “You alright dude?” Rigby was still in shock from his encounter, but he was able to reply and said, “I’m fine, thanks.”

Mordecai gave him a thumbs up and the duo left the spot to see if they can help the others. Unknown to them, the traffic cone had started fixing itself and came back to life.


As the others split up, they had avoided the monsters Zodick summoned as best as they could. Amy put up a fight with her Piko Piko Hammer, but one of the eggs had wrapped its arms around her and the Piggy Bank Belly Pumper machine sucked her up. Everyone tried to put up a fight, but each of them didn’t get far because of the teamwork the Double G monster eggs put for them, and each of them were sucked into the piggy bank machine.


Back with Sonic, both he and Zodick stared each other down as they prepared themselves in a fighting stance, waiting for one of them to make the first move. Before either of them made a move, Sonic disappeared from Zodick’s sight. He reappeared in front of him as the threw the first punch. Zodick didn’t feel anything from the hit and attempted to hit Sonic, but because of his speed, he dodged the attack with ease. Zodick curled himself into a ball and launched himself towards Sonic in a spin dash attack.

Sonic dodged the attack at the last minute and said, “Using my tricks wont do you any good in this fight.” He then swung his right arm, while turning his hand into a fist and he yelled, “Sonic Wind!” In an instant, Zodick was engulfed in a cyclone of sky blue winds. Sonic thought to himself that the attack would put Zodick in his place, however, since Zodick was still curled into a ball, he bounced around the Sonic Wind and he launched himself towards Sonic with great speed. Once Zodick was close enough, he grabbed Sonic and he started slamming him into the ground.


Edzilla gave chase to the ponies, but before he could catch either of them, they split into six different directions. He looked in each direction and decided to go after what he thought was the slowest one in Twilight. Once he went in her direction, he eventually caught up to Twilight. Mordecai had continued his run from the traffic cone monster and had spotted Twilight running. He then saw Edzilla chase after her and with no second thoughts he followed them.

Twilight tried to use her magic on Edzilla, but found that her magic had no effect on the monster. She tried to run, but Edzilla grabbed one of her back hooves with one of his tentacles, and prevented her from running any further. He lifted her up and was about to eat her, until they heard a voice saying, “YOU PUT HER DOWN RIGHT NOW!!” Before Edzilla could react, Mordecai had leapt into the air and sliced off the tentacle holding Twilight, Edzilla screech in pain, and Twilight started falling to the ground.

Twilight had her eyes covered while she was falling, but before she could hit the ground, Mordecai caught her in his arms. Once she realized that she didn’t hit the ground, she uncovered her eyes and saw that she was in Mordecai’s arms. He looked at her in concern and said, “Are you okay?” Twilight blushed as she looked at him and nodded in response to his question. Before either of them could enjoy the moment, Edzilla grabbed them with one of his tentacles, catching them by surprise.

As they were lifted, Mordecai realized that his arms were still free from Edzilla’s grip. He repositioned his sword and stabbed the mouth on the tentacle they were wrapped in. Edzilla screeched in pain once again and threw them out of his grip. While in the air, Twilight was thrown out of Mordecai’s grip because of the monster, and once they started to fall, Twilight draped her hooves on Mordecai’s shoulders. After feeling her grab a hold of him, Mordecai thought fast and stabbed the Root Sword into the side of the floating junkyard and prevented them from falling any further.

Edzilla eventually got over the pain that was inflicted on him, and he started searching for Mordecai and Twilight. He craned his head over the edge of the land and tried to see if they were there. After seeing the monster, both Mordecai and Twilight held their breaths, trying not to make a sound, hoping that Edzilla will leave them alone.

Rainbow Dash saw Edzilla and flew to the monster. Edzilla heard the sounds of wings flapping and saw the pegasus near him. Rainbow then turned herself around, and bucked the monster in the face. Edzilla lightly said, “Ouch,” before becoming angry with Rainbow Dash and started chasing after her. After seeing the monster leave, both Mordecai and Twilight breathed a sigh in relief, glad that Rainbow helped them when they needed it. Mordecai turned to Twilight and said, “Want to get back up there?” Before she could answer, they heard something skidding on the ground, and saw a torn up glove hanging over the edge. After realizing who it was, Twilight said, “Are you alright Sonic?”


As the Eds ran away from Zodick’s army, they had bumped into the Piggy Bank Belly Pumper machine. The trio turned around and split themselves to avoid the machine as best as they could, Ed dug into the trash and buried himself in it, Eddy hid in one of the abandoned cars in the junkyard, while Double D was still being chased, trying his best to hide from the machine. He was unfortunately not able to find a hiding spot, as the piggy bank cornered him and it had raised its snout.

Before anything could be done, the piggy bank was covered in a cyan aura, and it was thrown out of Double D’s way. Double D looked up to see that Silver was the one that had thrown the machine. He turned to Double D and said, “Get out of here now!” After Double D left, the egg henchmen ambushed Silver. He tried his best to fight them off, but unknown to him, Bob had positioned himself on top of the junk pile behind him and had one of the eggs with it. Bob then picked up the egg and threw it with all of its strength at the back of Silver’s head. Once contact was made, Silver was knocked out from the hit he received. He fell to the ground and was left defenseless from the army. The piggy bank returned and had seen Silver unconscious. It opened its snout, sucked him up, closed its snout and Silver was now stuck in the machine.


As Sonic lay on the ground, he spotted something glimmer on the edge of the floating ground. As he got close enough to it, he saw that it was the blue Chaos Emerald. He reached out and was going to grab it. Once his hand was on the emerald, he saw the lion paw on it as well. He looked over the edge to see Discord trying to take it away from him, but the emerald was wedged into the ground and the two of them couldn’t pull the emerald out. As the two glared at each other, Discord yelled, “Let go!” Sonic rolled his eyes and said, “As if.”

While they continued their struggle with the emerald, they didn’t notice Zodick approaching them. It pulled its fist back and was ready to strike Sonic from behind, but Sonic dodged the attack at the last second and Zodick instead, punched Discord in the face. The hit was strong enough for Discord to dislodge the emerald from the ground. As Discord fell from the floating land with the emerald, he said, “Worth it.” He then snapped his fingers and fell through the portal, returning to the Center of Time.

While Sonic rolled away from the punch, Zodick returned its attention to him and stomped on the still rolling hedgehog. Sonic screamed in anguish after being stomped on by Zodick. The demon laughed at Sonic’s pain and started pounding Sonic into the ground. Meanwhile with Edzilla, he stopped his assault after hearing the scream and getting a hold of the five remaining ponies wrapped in his tentacles. As they witnessed Zodick’s attack, the ponies couldn’t bare to see Sonic going through such torture. Fluttershy covered her mouth with both of her hooves as she looked on with tears in her eyes. While Edzilla was distracted, Finn had charged from behind and stabbed his tail. Edzilla screeched once again and had let the ponies go. Fill pulled his sword out and said, “I’m the only one you get to face, dish rag!!”

Ed got on top of the piggy bank and once again had torn the machine on its side, freeing everyone that it had captured. Once they were free, Shadow and Silver exited and rushed to Sonic to help him. Zodick grabbed Sonic’s legs and lifted him up to his eye level. He was about to deliver the finishing blow, until Shadow yelled, “Chaos Spear!” A lightning bolt made out of chaos energy fired out of his hand and was shot at the demon. The attack made contact, causing Zodick to focus his attention on Shadow. Zodick tried to attack him with his free hand, but Shadow dodged it and tapped into the cyan emerald’s power and launched himself towards the demon in a spin dash attack. After bouncing off the demon, Silver grabbed Shadow with his psychokinesis and threw Shadow at Zodick. They continued this pattern until Zodick threw Sonic towards Silver, but he dodged the throw, causing Sonic to fly through some of the garbage. He skidded to a stop, and was close to the edge of the junkyard.

As Sonic was catching his breath, he heard a voice from over the edge say, “Are you alright Sonic?” Recognizing the voice belonging to Twilight, he said, “I’ve seen better days. How do we stop this thing?” Mordecai said, “Twi said that the army Zodick summoned will disappear if we send him back to Tartarus.” Sonic then said, “Do you know a spell for that?” Twilight said, “Yes, I know the spell for it, but your gonna have to knock him off the edge for it to work.” Sonic smiled at this and said, “Consider it done,” he coughed after his declaration.

He then tried to get back on his feet, but found it hard after the beating he had taken. Once he was on his feet, he felt pain in his left arm and immediately clutched his arm. He felt the blood coming from there, and he found it hard to move with how much pain he was feeling. Ed approached him and said, “Need help Sonic?” He said, “I need to attack Zodick and get him off this piece of land. Can you throw me at him?” Ed saluted to this, in his crossed eyes expression. He then grabbed one of the arms on his jacket and said, “Your wish is my lunch.” Before Sonic could question him, Ed skillfully pulled his jacket off and it wrapped around his waist. Sonic then pulled out the red emerald and was ready for his attack. Ed started spinning around slowly and started gaining momentum with his spins. After his third spin, he threw Sonic with all his might towards Zodick.

Once he was airborne, he focused on the red emerald and turned into a ball, launching himself in a spin dash attack. While Silver and Shadow had distracted him, Zodick didn’t see Sonic coming his way as he hit him square in the head, knocking him backwards in the process. Seeing that Sonic wasn’t able to continue the spin dash attack, Silver grabbed him with his psychokinesis and threw him at Zodick. As Zodick tried to regain his composure, Sonic had hit him once again in the head. After making contact again, he bounced and went into the air. He could have gone further, that is until Knuckles took off into the sky and grabbed Sonic with both hands. Once he gained control, he threw Sonic at the demon, and hit him in the head. The strength of the throw and Sonic’s spin dash attack was enough to send Zodick off the floating land.

After seeing Zodick fall from the land, Twilight activated her horn, the light raspberry aura covering it, and she opened a portal to suck the demon in it and send it back to Tartarus. Once the demon had fallen through the portal, Twilight activated her horn and teleported both her and Mordecai back onto the land. After they reappeared on land, Mordecai felt dizzy from the spell and said, “Now that is a spell.” The duo saw Edzilla, the Double G eggs and Bob transform back to their original forms, leaving everyone cheering, glad to see that they had won the fight. The celebration was cut short after they saw Sonic lying on the ground. Sonic had landed on the ground moments after Zodick disappeared, but because of the beating he took from the demon, he lost his balance and collapsed on the ground.

Everyone gasped at this and cried, “Sonic!” He tried to bet back up, but because of the pain on his left shoulder, he couldn’t hold himself up and he fell to the ground again. Before anyone could go near him, the land started to fall from the sky. Silver placed his hand on the ground and took a deep breath. In an instant, the whole junkyard was enveloped in a cyan aura, stopping the fall. Silver kept his focus and he slowly descended the land back to the ground.

With the land back in its place, the others approached the injured hedgehog, hoping he was alright. Fluttershy was the first to arrive next to him. After setting herself on her haunches, she gently turned him onto his back and rested his head on her legs. In the state he was in, everyone thought the worst has happened, until Fluttershy leaned her head onto his chest and said, “He’s breathing, he’ll be okay.” Jake said, “With how jacked up he is? I don’t think so.” He turned to Finn and said, “Do you still have that bottle of Cyclops tears with ya?” While Finn and Jake were talking to themselves, Fluttershy felt Sonic tense up after they mentioned the cyclops tears. She looked to Amy in confusion, hoping she can answer a question for her. She went over to her and whispered, “Sonic is afraid of water.” Surprised from hearing this, Fluttershy gave her a look that said, “Really?” Amy nodded at this, while Finn pulled out the bottle from his pack.

Before Finn could spray Sonic with the bottle, Fluttershy raised a hoof to stop him and said, “Wait.” Finn looked at her questioningly and was going to ask what the problem was, but she said, “I just need a minute with him.” Finn nodded to this and let her talk with Sonic. Sonic was still shaking, but he calmed down a little after he felt a hoof on his forehead. He opened his eyes to see Fluttershy gazing at him with kindness and felt transfixed just looking into her eyes. She then said in a soothing tone, “Shhh, it’ll be okay, Finn just wants to help you, that’s all.” He wanted to protest, but just hearing how assuring she sounded, Sonic closed his eyes and nodded, as if to say, “Let’s get this over with.” Fluttershy then nodded to Finn, and he splashed him with the cyclops tear, healing Sonic of all his wounds.

Double D was speechless after seeing what had happened, while Ed and Eddy were amazed by it and said in unison, “Cool!” Sonic got back on his feet and said, “Thanks for bringing that Finn.” Finn shrugged at this and said, “I kinda had a feeling we were gonna need it.” Eddy released a fake cough to catch Sonic’s attention. After Eddy turned to him, Eddy said, “So, what the heck was up with that Discord guy?” Sonic turned to the ponies and said, “The ponies are more familiar with him, than I am. They’ll tell you everything about him.”

The Eds focused their attention on the ponies, and Twilight said, “Discord is a draconequus that me and my friends had stopped a while ago back in Ponyville.” Double D said, “Draconequus huh? I’ve always heard of animals with multiple animal limbs being called chimeras, this is interesting.” Wanting to get to the point, Eddy said, “So what exactly did Discord do?” Applejack was going to say what she wanted to say about what he could do, but Pinkie interrupted Applejack and said, “Discord has the powers to manipulate reality, cause the animals to misbehave, spread chocolate rain everywhere and it can affect everything that it touches.” Ed said, “And by “affect” do you mean?” Applejack cut him off and said, “By “affect,” she means that, I had my corn turned into popcorn, my apples grew at least five times their actual size, and some of the animals had a slight mutation.”

After hearing this, Eddy thought it over and remembered smelling chocolate milk before seeing that their jawbreakers were turned to meatballs. Once it was all put together, the identity of their jawbreaker turned meatball mystery had been solved. He said, “So that…that…that…” Shadow said, “Jigsaw reject.” Eddy said, “No, not that.” Finn asked, “Well what then?” Eddy was tempted to say what he wanted to say, but he said, “I’d say it, but standards wont let me.” Everyone, but Ed and Double D, gave him a strange look. He then said, “Anyway, he was responsible for the chocolate rain we had the other day?” The ponies nodded to this. Eddy turned to Double D and Ed and the trio huddled up. He then said, “I had a feeling I smelled chocolate milk. Okay boys, now that that mystery has been solved, are you guys good to catch Discord and get some well deserved payback?” Double D said, “I don’t know, this seems crazier than searching for your brother.” Ed said, “But we’ll have Sonic and the others to help.”

The rest of the group looked to each other in confusion, wondering what the Eds were doing. After a moment, the Eds turned around to face everyone. Eddy said, “Can we join you guys on this journey?” Sonic said, “Any reason for this? I don’t mind the company, I just wanna know.” Eddy said, “Let’s just say, we got a bone to pick with Discord.” Sonic turned to everyone and said, “Anyone mind if these three tag along?” Everyone shook their heads at this and with that, Ed, Edd and Eddy joined the group to get the Chaos Emeralds. Tails looked over the radar, and found one emerald three hundred miles away from where they were in the east. Sonic raised his hand, holding the red emerald and used chaos control, teleporting everyone out of the Cul-de-Sac and went to the next emeralds location.
Chapter 1: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 1
Chapter 2: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 2
Chapter 2.5: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 2.5
Chapter 3: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 3
Chapter 4: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 4
Chapter 5: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 5
Chapter 6: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.6
Chapter 7: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.7
Chapter 8: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.8
Chapter 8.5: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Chapter 8.5
Chapter 9 PART 1: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 9 PART 1
Chapter 9 PART 2: here
Chapter 10 PART 1: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.10 PART 1
Chapter 10 PART 2: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.10 PART 2
Chapter 11: Coming Soon
It just a screenshot by Crystalsonicfan Commission- Edzilla WIP by KrimxonRath

Hello everyone, long time no see. Sorry for having this story on hold for so long, but a lot has happened outside of dA, and kept me from working on this story. That, and fixing this story into a proper story format, and the Eds were the hardest to figure out on how I wanted this story to go, but after I talked to my friend :iconededdeddyy:, I got to work on this as quick as I could. With how much I have typed in this chapter, this will be a two parter, not by choice. The images above are just a few that I found to give an idea of what I had planned in the chapter.

As continued from PART 1, Sonic and the gang have teleported to the Cul-de-Sac after learning the emerald was found to be there. Hoping to cover more ground, the group splits up into three teams to find the emerald. They didn't find it in any of the spots they were in, but they each have found it to be located in the junkyard.

As they go to the junkyard, the Eds try to brainstorm for the next scam, but couldn't come up with any ideas that can work. They soon spot Twilight and Rarity and eventually introduce themselves to everyone after they re-grouped.

Discord shows himself to everyone and had brought a friend from Tartarus as a distraction. The mysterious creature that was planned in part 1? Zodick the Hellhog. With Zodick freed from Tartarus, he has now been able to summon a monster with anything around him, and he chose Bob, a traffic cone the Eds have used in a scam involving Johnny 2x4, Double G, an egg that Ed had used to substitute Double D during his "tough guy" act from school, the Piggy Bank Belly Pumper, used in a scam by Eddy and Double D to try and take the kids' money on "Piggy Bank Day" aka Christmas in July, and last but not least, Edzilla, the monster costume Double D and Eddy put Ed in in hopes to attract customers, but instead went on a destructive rampage, believing he was a monster.

The battle was hard fought, but in the end, Zodick was sent back to Tartarus, causing all the monsters he had summoned to return to their original forms, and Discord has now gotten a third Chaos Emerald in his possesion.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze and Time Eater belong to Sega

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Spike, Lyra, Bon Bon and Discord belong to Hasbro

Mordecai and Rigby belong to JG Quintel

Finn and Jake belong to Pendleton Ward

Ed, Edd, Eddy and Edzilla belong to Danny Antonucci

Zodick the Hellhog belongs to Crazy Games
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