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Over at The Candy Store, we find the Eds leaving the store with big satisfied grins plastered on their faces. What’s the reason behind this? Each of the Eds is holding a jawbreaker the size of a basketball in their respective hands.

“Ok boys, last time we had these, it was season four, but we FINALLY got our jawbreakers!!” shouted Eddy with joy.

“Eddy, didn’t we get jawbreakers after we returned to the Cul-de-Sac after that adventure you put us through?” questioned Double D.

“Well, yeah. But if I remember right, it wasn’t on screen,” Eddy simply said.

Without another word, the Eds closed their eyes and readied themselves to eat their long-awaited jawbreakers. But before the trio could enjoy their jawbreakers, the cotton candy clouds had suddenly appeared above the Candy Store and had spread to the Cul-de-Sac, and a downpour of chocolate rain poured onto the Eds. When Eddy was about to put the jawbreaker in his mouth, he smelled something funny. He opened his eyes and was shocked at what he saw in his hands.

“WHAT THE-?!?” questioned Eddy in complete shock.

The once jawbreaker that was in his hands, was replaced by a meatball, the same size as the jawbreaker. Double D heard Eddy’s outburst and opened his eyes to see what was wrong, only to see that his jawbreaker was also replaced by a giant meatball. His reaction was no different from Eddy’s from what he saw.

“GOOD LORD!!!” he yelled, also in shock.

After hearing both of his friends react to something, Ed opened his eyes and saw that his jawbreaker had also been turned into a meatball. He looked at it for a few seconds in confusion, but instead of being shocked like his friends, he shrugged it off and took a bite into the meatball. In a fit of rage, Eddy threw the meatball on the sidewalk, turned back to the Candy Store and planed to go back in to demand a refund. But before he could go back into the Candy Store, the door slammed in his face and the closed sign was present on the glass door. This didn’t stop him, as he started banging on the door with his fists.

“You backstabbing jerks ripped me off! I paid for a jawbreaker, not a meatball! I want my money back!” shouted Eddy while he pounded on the door in anger.

After seeing that his fist banging wasn’t doing anything, Eddy started ramming his shoulder into the door, attempting to knock it down. Double D covered his face with his right hand and shook his head in dissatisfaction from what Eddy was trying to do. He turned to Ed, who was still eating his meatball and asked, “Ed, could you please stop Eddy before he hurts himself?”

After hearing his question, Ed gave him the “ok” sign with his free hand and said with a mouthful, “Okey, dokey Double D!”

After he ate what was left of his meatball, he grabbed Eddy by his shirt and the trio left the Candy Store with Eddy in tow. He desperately tried to get out of Ed’s grip, but couldn’t because of the good grip he had on him. After a few minutes of blowing off steam, Eddy finally calmed down and walked with Ed and Double D. He sulked in silent defeat, wondering how the jawbreakers were still taken away from them, despite the fact that they had them in the palm of their hands.


After the sun’s rising without Discord’s influence, and after waking herself up, Fluttershy got up from the chair she slept on and did her routine of feeding her animals in her cottage. After her animals were fed, Fluttershy went and checked on her guests. She found Tails sleeping in the kitchen with the radar at the kitchen table; he looked like he finished the kinks to the radar. She then went to her room and found Amy sleeping in her bed. She quietly left her bedroom, and started looking for Sonic. She looked everywhere inside the cottage and became worried after she saw that he wasn’t around.

Meanwhile outside of Fluttershy’s cottage, Sonic was relaxing on top of the roof, with his arms behind his head, relaxing and remembering his talk with Luna. His thoughts were interrupted once he heard the door open. He looked down from the roof and saw Fluttershy standing outside. He saw the pegasus frantically looking for something and appeared to be worried. Unknown to the hedgehog, she was looking for him.

“Sonic. Sonic, where are you?” asked Fluttershy, hoping that he would hear her. “I’m up here,” said Sonic, startling her in the process.

Fluttershy had jumped into the air after hearing the voice. She flapped her wings to keep herself airborne. She turned around and saw him casually waving at her, while he was laying on the roof. She breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that the voice belonged Sonic and that he was okay. She flew towards him and said, “You know you could have slept inside.”

“I know, but I’m a little more comfortable sleeping outside sometimes. Plus you didn’t have another room or spot for me to sleep on,” he simply said, still relaxed on her roof.

“Well…whatever makes you comfortable. What did you do after everyone split up last night?” asked Fluttershy.

Sonic sat up and said, “I talked with Luna last night.” Fluttershy looked at him questioningly and said, “Oh, what did you talk about with her?” He said, “I’ll tell ya when we get to Twilight’s.” Before she could question him any further, his stomach rumbled, causing Sonic to grab it in embarrassment. He looked at her and asked with a sheepish grin, “Mind if we have breakfast first?” She responded with a smile, “Sure. I could make something for all of us.” He then jumped off the roof and they went inside her cottage.


Back at Golden Oaks Library, Mordecai had woken up after hearing a loud noise coming from downstairs. He was a little upset from waking up to the noise, but after seeing Twilight’s sleeping face, wasn’t as upset as before. He tried to get up, but realized he couldn’t after seeing that Twilight was still laying on him. He carefully got her off of him, and placed her on her pillow. He quietly got out of bed in an attempt to not wake her and he went downstairs to see what was making the noise.

Once he was downstairs, he saw that Spike was in the kitchen and he was picking up the pans that had fallen. Mordecai said, “Hey Spike. What are you doing?” Spike said, “I was just going to make breakfast for you, Rigby and Twilight. Sorry if I woke you up.” Mordecai said, “It’s cool, what were you going to make?” Spike thought for a moment and said, “Does blueberry pancakes sound good?” Mordecai said with a smile, “Yeah, that sounds good.” Sometime after he left, Twilight started tossing and turning in her bed, clearly having a nightmare.


Twilight had seen Time Eater and Discord in an unfamiliar area, staring her and all of her friends down. Time Eater shot a barrage of spheres at the group, the only ones that didn’t get hit, other than herself, were Sonic and Mordecai. She looked at everyone and saw that the spheres had immobilized everyone.

Sonic, however, appeared gold instead of blue and was floating off the ground. He then flew at them, but with Discord’s enhanced powers, he stopped Sonic where he was with a snap of his talons. He tried his best to break free from this, but he found that he couldn’t make any movements whatsoever. Once he approached Sonic, Discord raised his lion paw and blasted him with a powerful dark blast. After the attack had made contact, he screamed in agony. Once the smoke had cleared, Sonic had turned back to his blue color. While he was falling, he looked at Mordecai and Twilight with an apologetic look in his eyes and lost consciousness as he fell into the abyss.

Time Eater then focused its attention on Twilight and fired a dark sphere at her. She was going to use her magic to deflect the attack, but Discord snapped his fingers and her horn was gone. She panicked at this and wasn’t able to move away from the attack in time, but before the attack would make contact, Mordecai stepped in front of her and took the hit. After the smoke had cleared, Mordecai had fallen over from the attack.

Mordecai clutched his stomach in pain. He coughed and groaned from the pain he was experiencing. Worried for him, Twilight rushed to his side and turned him over so he could face her. Once he was facing her, she started crying after seeing the condition he was in. He breathed heavy and said in a weak tone, “Twilight…Twilight.”


In the real world, Mordecai had already woken Rigby up for breakfast and was on his way to wake Twilight up. While he was going up the stairs, he was humming a random tune to himself, enjoying the good morning he was having. When he entered Twilight’s room, he heard a faint whimper. Feeling worried about Twilight, he rushed to her bed as quick as he could, and what he saw just broke his heart from what he was seeing. He saw that she was clutching her blanket, shaking in fear and was crying in her sleep. He lightly shook her and said, “Twilight! Twilight!” Her eyes shot opened after hearing his voice. She sat up and started breathing heavily from the dream she had. Twilight turned to see Mordecai looking at her with a concerned look on his face.

Mordecai asked, “Are you okay Twilight?”

After seeing him, she immediately hugged him, glad to see that he was okay, leaving Mordecai taken back by this. He eventually hugged her back and was going to ask her what was wrong, but she had beaten him to the question and said, “I’m sorry Mordecai. I-I had a bad dream.” After pulling away from the hug, he stroked her cheek, wiping her tears away and said, “Don’t worry about it, it was only a dream.”

She still felt unsure about it as she remembered her friends having similar nightmares leading up to Discord and Time Eater being present. Once the thought crossed her mind, she thought about telling him about the nightmares her friends had, but her stomach rumbled, causing her to blush and laugh in embarrassment.

Mordecai smiled at this and said, “It’s a good thing I came up here, Spike just finished making breakfast.” Twilight asked, “What did he make?” He simply said, “Blueberry pancakes.” She then got out of bed, and they left her bedroom.


Back in the Center of Time, Discord had returned after a day of spreading his chaos throughout the planet. After seeing him, Time Eater asked, “Enjoy yourself out there?” Discord crossed his arms and said, “Not really.” Time Eater then asked, “What? Didn’t spread enough chaos out there?” Discord turned and said, “Trust me, I’ve spread a lot, just had some problems in one area though.”

Wanting to change the subject, Discord asked with a smirk, “What did I miss from yesterday’s divide and conquer?” Time Eater said, “Remember when I mentioned Silver?” Confused by this, Discord said, “Yeah, I remember…why?” Time Eater continued and said, “Both he and Blaze had traveled in time and had a helping hand with everyone.” Discord asked, “So, we’re back on square one then?”

Time Eater tore open a portal on the ground and said, “Not quite. I already have a plan for what lies here” Discord looked at the portal and was surprised at what he saw. He said, “Tartarus? What do we need from there?” Time Eater said, “I’ve checked what is there, and I believe that one creature in there should be of good use to us for the next emerald.” A silhouette was shown on the portal. Time Eater then said, “I want you to bring this creature here and we’ll work on the next emerald after that.”

Discord shrugged at this, plugged his nose, jumped and did a cannonball motion into the portal.


After exiting the portal, Discord arrived at the entrance of Tartarus and started walking toward it. Before he could go any further, a giant black dog with three heads, known as Cerberus, had jumped out in front of him, blocking his path and started barking at him in an attempt to scare him off. After he stopped barking, Cerberus growled at Discord after seeing the draconequus hadn’t flinched after seeing him and was ready to pounce him.

Discord then snapped his fingers and a big piece of steak had appeared. He then used his magic and lifted the piece of meat in front of the dog, catching the attention of all three of the dog’s heads. After distracting the heads in amusement, he threw the steak away from the entrance and Cerberus chased after the meat. After catching the piece of meat, Cerberus attempted to eat it, but the other heads fought over the steak with each other, wanting to eat the meat as well. With the perfect distraction completed, Discord turned to the giant dog, and said with a smirk, “Good boy.”

As Cerberus continued to fight over the steak, Discord went into Tartarus and began his search for what Time Eater had told him to bust out.

While Sonic, Tails, Amy and Fluttershy were walking towards the library, the rest of the group had crossed into each other. They waved to each other and said their good mornings. Sonic turned to Finn and Jake and asked, “So what do you guys think of Ponyville?”

Finn scratched the back of his head and asked, “Are all of the ponies around here obsessed with humans?”

Sonic looked at him confusingly and asked, “What do ya mean?”

Finn said, “Last night, when me and Jake went with AJ, some aquamarine unicorn with a mint mane and tail greeted me, she said her name was Lyra. She looked at me as if I came out of a storybook or something. She asked me a bunch of weird questions, one of them was about the family sword,” he finished while pointing at the long red sword. Finn continued his story and said, “I was going to show her my sword handling skills, but she grabbed my hands and admired them as if they were lost treasure. I was going to ask her what she was doing, but she took off my hat, ran one of her hooves in my hair and she wore my hat.”

Applejack chuckled and said, “We haven’t had humans in Equestria in a long time, I guess with what Bon Bon has been telling me about Lyra was true.” Jake turned to her and asked, “And what did she tell you?” Applejack said, “She has an obsession with humans.” Finn looked at her and said, “Bon Bon? You mean the cream color pony with the blue and pink mane and tail?”

Interested in the story, and wanting Finn to continue, Sonic asked, “What happened next?” Finn said, “Bon Bon took my hat off of Lyra, gave it back to me and apologized for her odd behavior and they left. I think they were arguing about something, but the only thing I heard while they were leaving was, ‘I told you they were real!’” After he finished telling the story, everyone had a good laugh from it. Sonic then pointed at Finn’s backpack that was holding both the Family Sword and the Root Sword and asked, “Do you use that sword very often?” Finn said, “I’m good at hand to hand combat as well, but yeah, the sword is one thing I use to defend myself with.” Shadow asked, “Defend yourself from what exactly?” Finn said, “From a lot of monsters that are in Ooo, I even use my sword to deflect any magic that is used against me.”

Fluttershy said, “I didn’t know there was magic outside of Equestria.” Finn turned to her and said, “Yeah, there’s magic in Ooo, but unfortunately for me and Jake, out of all the magic users there are, we have to put up with the Ice King the most.” Knuckles said, “Who’s the Ice King.” Jake couldn’t pass this opportunity up, so he said, “A big nerd,” earning a good laugh from everyone. After everyone settled down, Finn said, “He’s this guy that has a magical crown, and it gives him the power to use ice and snow. He usually kidnaps princesses so he can marry one of them.” Everyone looked at each other in confusion after hearing this. Finn then said, “It’s sad really.” Sonic said, “The guy’s seriously screwed in the head by the sounds of it.” Finn and Jake both thought to themselves, “You don’t know the half of it.” Sonic said, “I just hope he doesn’t hear about this place.” Finn turned to him and said, “Why’s that?” He said, “Because there’s a couple of princesses here.” Before he could ask any further, they had arrived at Twilight’s home.

As they approached her home, the door had opened, revealing Mordecai, Rigby, and Twilight about to exit the tree home. After seeing everyone, Twilight said with a smile, “Good morning everyone.” After everyone exchanged their good mornings, they entered the library.

After everyone got comfortable in the library, Twilight noticed Silver and Blaze. She turned to Sonic and asked, “Uh Sonic, who are your friends?” Sonic looked in the direction and realized that Silver and Blaze haven’t been introduced. Before he could tell her, Silver interrupted and said, “Sorry for the lack of introductions. I’m Silver.” Blaze simply said, “And I’m Blaze.” Silver then added, “We came here from the future to try and change it.” Skeptical by this, Twilight said, “The future? I’m sorry, but unless you know any spells to do any time travel, that can’t be possible.” Sonic said, “He actually said that someone had helped him with a time traveling device.” Hearing this, Mordecai asked, “Like from ‘Back to the Future’?” Not wanting to make the story long, Silver scratched the back of his head and said, “Yeah, something like that.” Mordecai said, “Cool.”

Silver continued to explain the reason why he and Blaze were in the present and said, “We came here because the world has been conquered in our time.” Fluttershy asked, “Conquered? How?” Blaze said, “Discord, that’s how.” The group that didn’t go to the Land of Ooo gasped at this. Silver said, “In the future, Discord had managed to get all of the Chaos Emeralds, and prevented the Elements of Harmony from working against him.”  Worried over this news, Amy asked, “And what exactly happened that caused that future?” Blaze said, “After coming back to this time, and with what Silver has told me, we finally figured out how he did it. He tricked Finn into killing Sonic and had told Twilight about Mordecai’s past experiences to keep her from using her element.” Amy fainted after hearing the news. Rarity went over to the unconscious hedgehog and started fanning her with her hoof in an attempt to wake her up again.

Not believing what he said, Rigby said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. How could he have taken over? We have more emeralds than Discord does.” He looked at Mordecai and asked, “Don’t we?” Mordecai said, “Well, Discord has the yellow emerald.” Sonic added, “As well as the purple emerald we had.” Rigby then asked, “So…we only have one emerald then?” Sonic pulled out the red emerald and said, “Actually, we have two.” Pinkie asked, “How’d you get that one?” Sonic said, “This one was from the Land of Ooo. We got it after we dealt with Xergiok and his army of cyclopses and earclopses.” The group that didn’t stay in Ooo looked at him in confusion. Twilight spoke up and asked, “An army of what?” Finn turned to her and asked, “You know what a cyclops is right?” She said, “Yes.” Finn continued and said, “Earclopses are the same, except it has a giant ear for a head.”

After bringing up the earclops, Sonic turned to Knuckles and asked, “Speaking of which, how did you guys take the two armies down?” Everyone focused their attention on Knuckles, Jake, Silver, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. Knuckles said, “Remember when Finn said that the earclopses had sensitive hearing?” Sonic nodded to his question. Knuckles said, “That wasn’t the case with these ones.” Finn asked, “What do you mean?” Jake said, “He means, that Xergiok was ready this time and had cast a spell to protect their hearing.” Knuckles continued the story and said, “They were tough, but we were able to handle them, that is, until a giant cyclops came out of nowhere.”

The others stared at them in shock, as he continued the story. “That cyclops was at least two times bigger than the army Xergiok brought. It swung its giant club at us, but I was able to stop it with my hands.” Silver shook his head in disapproval and said, “If we weren’t there, you would have been squashed like a bug.” Knuckles glared at him as he continued telling what had happened in the fight and said, “It’s true that he stopped the club, but we still had an army that surrounded us. I was able to stop a good amount of them with my psychokinesis.” Rigby looked at him confusedly and said, “Your what?” Silver then raised his right hand and a cyan aura had suddenly surrounded Rigby. He lifted him off the ground with it, and put him back down, shocking everyone that hadn’t seen the technique before. Silver then said, “I used that on at least ten of them, and threw them at the other cyclopses and earclopses.”

Rainbow Dash continued the story and said, “After seeing what Silver could do, we focused on taking the giant cyclops down. I flew at it, and I bucked it in the gut, as hard as I could.” Rarity added, “I bucked the cyclops in the shin, and it lost its balance from it. Knuckles ended up tossing it on its back after that.” Applejack said, “It tried to get back up again, but I asked Jake if he could stretch his arm into a lasso, he said he could, and formed it easily. I grabbed his arm, swung it over the cyclops, and tied it up, before it could attack again.” Everyone looked at Jake in confusion after hearing what Applejack had just said. He said, “She means this,” and showed everyone that he could stretch is body. He then said, “After tying that cyclops up, Knuckles grabbed my arm and swung it around with great force. He was able to knock some of them out with it, while the others tried running away. We let it go at the rest of the cyclopses and earclopses and it rolled them over.”

After finishing their story, Sonic turned to Shadow and asked, “How about you Shadow? How was it like being here for a day?” Instead of saying anything, all Shadow did was glare at Rigby, who in turn, glared back at him. Rouge answered for him and said, “These two didn’t get along here yesterday.” Sonic asked in confusion, “Why’s that?” Rigby pointed accusingly at Shadow and yelled, “It’s because this turd ruined my chocolate cake!” Amy slowly regained consciousness after hearing the sudden outburst. Fluttershy gasped at what Rigby just said and she said in a disapproving tone, “Such language!” Shadow retorted in an equally angered tone and said, “Only after you ruined my swiss rolls, Rig-bonehead!” Rigby clutched his fists in anger and yelled, “WHAT?!” Mordecai lightly chuckled at this and thought, ‘I gotta remember that one.’

Rigby then lunged at Shadow, while he raised a fist and was ready to fight, but they were both stopped by Silver’s psychokinesis. Blaze said, “By the time I entered the store, these two were about to kill each other. I didn’t know why though.” Shadow said, “It started when stupid here was being rude to one of the ponies that had crossed eyes. Mordecai gave me permission to punch him if he acted up, so I did.” Blaze then said, “With how things went, I’m glad I told them about our little problem, or it could have gotten ugly yesterday.”

Rigby continued his struggle in the cyan aura in an attempt to break free and said, “Let me go, so I can kick that hedgehog’s butt!” Shadow scoffed at this and said, “You couldn’t beat an egg with how hard you hit.” Silver said, “Look guys, you two might not like each other, but save it until after Time Eater and Discord are taken care of. There was enough drama yesterday” They rolled their eyes at this and said in unison, “Fine.” Silver released them from his grip after they had finally calmed down. Jake spoke up and said, “How exactly are we gonna stop them? Time Eater nearly sucked us into that portal back in Ooo, although, I can’t say the same for the goblins. And other than changing forms, what else can Discord do?” Twilight said, “Discord’s got a lot of powers of his own, but the best way I can say this is that he can literally turn the world upside down with a snap of his fingers.” Jake then asked, “Is there anything that can stop something like that?”

Sonic said with a smirk, “There is actually.” Jake looked at him in confusion. The ponies then pulled out their necklaces and tiara, showing him what he was talking about. Still confused, Jake asked, “And what are these supposed to be?” Twilight answered him and said, “These are the Elements of Harmony.” She continued explaining to him what each of them represented and said, “These elements are each known as, Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and Magic, and they have stopped Discord before.” Jake was going to question the elements, but Mordecai interrupted his train of thought and said, “Trust me, we’ve seen them work before. They turned a Moon Monster into a toy.” Rigby then said, “I keep telling you, it’s Beef Burrito.” Mordecai turned to him and said, “Dude, I keep telling you, it’s not Beef Burrito, we put it in the closet a long time ago.” Not wanting to admit he was wrong, Rigby offered a bet and said, “Ten bucks says your wrong.” Mordecai shook Rigby’s hand and said, “I’ll take that bet.”

Sonic said, “Anyway, as Twilight was saying, the Elements of Harmony can stop Discord.” Finn spoke up and asked, “If the Elements of Harmony stopped him before, how did he still manage to escape?” Sonic scratched the back of his head and said, “Time Eater was the one that helped him escape this time. But don’t worry about that, I paid a visit to Canterlot, talked with Princess Luna about this, and I learned something new about the elements.” Everyone looked at him in confusion. Tails asked, “When did you go to Canterlot?” Twilight added, “And when did you meet Luna?” Sonic said, “Last night, just before I fell asleep myself. I was going to talk to Celestia about the elements, but I’m glad that her sister knew about them as well. She told me that she and Celestia had done some research on the elements sometime after you used them on Discord.” The ponies leaned in and said in unison, “Yes?” Sonic smiled at this, continued his explanation and said, “They found something out about them.” They leaned a little closer, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Mordecai and Shadow also leaning in, and said in unison, “Yes?” He then said, “It’s the best thing I’ve heard that they can do.” After saying this, everyone leaned in with interest and said, “Yes?” Sonic concluded by saying, “They have the ability to steal Discord’s chaotic powers.”

Everyone gasped in surprise to the news. Sonic then said, “I know I was surprised too. Luna told me that, since sealing him in stone a second time didn’t work, we can try to seal him and have his powers taken away.” Finn asked, “Okay, so how do we track him?” Tails said, “I’ve been fixing our radar last night, and I think I got all the bugs figured out. This was how we were able to find the emerald back in Ooo. With this fixed up, we can try to catch him where the next emerald will be at.” Tails then turned the radar on, and after a few minutes, the radar had picked up the next emeralds location. The group exited the library and traced the emerald that was one hundred miles from Equestria. They gathered around Sonic, he used Chaos Control and they teleported to the new location.
Chapter 1: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 1
Chapter 2: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 2
Chapter 2.5: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 2.5
Chapter 3: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 3
Chapter 4: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 4
Chapter 5: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 5
Chapter 6: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.6
Chapter 7: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.7
Chapter 8: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.8
Chapter 8.5: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Chapter 8.5
Chapter 9 PART 1: here
Chapter 9 PART 2: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.9 PART 2
Chapter 10 PART 1: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.10 PART 1
Chapter 10 PART 2: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.10 PART 2
Chapter 11: Coming Soon
Hello everyone, long time no see. Sorry for having this story on hold for so long, but a lot has happened outside of dA, and kept me fron working on this story. That, and fixing this story into a proper story format, and the Eds were the hardest to figure out on how I wanted this story to go, but after I talked to my friend :iconededdeddyy:, I got to work on this as quick as I could. With how much I have typed in this chapter, this will be a two parter, not by choice.

As the story left off, Sonic and the gang had re-united back in Ponyville and had taken the night off to get some rest for the next day. Unknown to them, Discord had spread his chaos across the planet, hitting one area known as the Cul-de-Sac, and had foiled the Eds' latest jawbreaker moment. This had really ticked Eddy off, and the Eds have no idea on what had happened this time. There was also one area that Discord had gone to, but with how it sounded, his chaos spreading had stopped in one area...not sure what that was. :shrug:

As for the next day in Ponyville, it seems Finn had bumped into a certain pony that has an obsession with humans, good thing that didn't last all night for him.

Twilight now has had a nightmare with Discord and Time Eater, hopefully Mordecai is right and that was only a dream.

Everything that had happened the previous day is explained, like the fight against Xergiok's army, and what had happened at Sugarcube Corner, basically a filler/character developing part of the chapter. Also, the taking away Discord's powers was inspired from my friend :iconcartuneslover16:'s story, "Chaotic Order". Here is the chapter from where it came from,… .

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze and Time Eater belong to Sega

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Spike, Lyra, Bon Bon and Discord belong to Hasbro

Mordecai and Rigby belong to JG Quintel

Finn, Jake and Ice King belong to Pendleton Ward

Ed, Edd n Eddy belong to Danny Antonucci
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