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September 10, 2012
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Discord returned to the Center of Time laughing at what he had set Sonic up for with Finn and Jake. Time Eater applauded him when he returned and said, “That was a nice performance you put on out there Discord.” Discord took a bow and said, “Thank you, thank you, I try. I wouldn’t have pulled off my best disguise without you.” It then said, “I told you Billy was going to work perfectly for you in Ooo.” After it was brought up, Discord couldn’t help but ask, “Yeah, about that. How did you know about Billy?” It answered him by saying “Earlier while you were keeping Sonic and the rest of the group busy, I checked everything and found out where the remaining emeralds are. One of them is in the Land of Ooo.”

Discord then asked, “And the others?” Time Eater simply answered, “We’ll get them after we destroy the bond between Sonic and these new friends of his. Finn should be Sonic’s equal; I’ll destroy the land and take the emerald there. You however, can destroy the bond between Mordecai and Twilight Sparkle.” Confused by this, he asked, “Why them?” Time Eater said, “Again, while you were distracting everyone, I have checked everything. That includes when they were fixing the radar and bonding. Look through the portal and see for yourself.”

Discord looked into the portal in curiosity, and after seeing what he needed to see, he had his own plans to ruining their friendship. He snapped his fingers and disappeared from the Center of Time once again. Time Eater tore open a portal and also left the Center of Time.


Shortly after leaving the group, Rouge arrived at Sugarcube Corner. She saw that Rigby was standing in line, and he looked very impatient while waiting. She then asked, “You know this line isn’t that long, right?” He rudely responded by saying, “I don’t care! I want my chocolate cake!”

After a few minutes of waiting, Shadow and Pinkie Pie arrived in Sugarcube Corner. Rigby didn’t notice them until Shadow joined them in line. Pinkie left the trio so she could talk with Mr. and Mrs. Cake. After seeing Rigby’s frustrated expression, Shadow asked, “Waiting paid off yet?” He simply said, “It’s been way too long for me. This grey pony is the only one standing between me and that chocolate cake!”

“Chocolate cake is good, but it’s not worth getting this impatient over,” Shadow thought to himself while shaking his head. After a few minutes of waiting, Pinkie came out with a smile on her face and said, “Good news you guys. Mr. and Mrs. Cake agreed to let you have any sweets on a good discount.” Rouge said with a smile, “Thanks a lot Pinkie.” Shadow said, also smiling, “Yeah thanks.”

After Pinkie’s announcement, the grey mare grabbed her bag with her mouth. The smell of fresh muffins was coming from the bag. The mare turned around, and her wall-eyed expression greeted them. She walked past them in a hurry, and went towards the exit. The only one among the three that had any reaction to seeing the pony was Rigby. He rudely said, “Eh, what’s wrong with her eyes?”

In an instant, Shadow punched him on the back of his head as hard as he could. This caused the raccoon to moan in pain and say, “OWWWW! What was that for?!” Shadow said with a smirk, “For being an idiot, and Mordecai said I could punch you if you act rude to any of the ponies.”

Rigby rubbed his head and mumbled to himself in annoyance.


Back in the library, Twilight gathered a few of her books for the long trip, and found the map of the mountain from before. After gathering the food she needed, she placed all of her items into each side of her saddlebags. She heard a knock on her door before she got the rest of her supplies. Twilight opened the door to reveal Mordecai standing on the other side. She said with a smile, “Oh. Hi, Mordecai.” He said, “Hey Twilight. Need any help for the trip to that mountain?” She said, “I’m almost done, but I wouldn’t mind some help.”

Mordecai stepped into the library and looked around the library. It was no surprise to him with the amount of books in the place, but he was left with some questions on how she lives in the library, seeing nothing but bookshelves throughout the room. He saw the staircase, and figured that’s where she might go to get away from work. She snapped him out of his thoughts by saying, “So what do you think of my home?” He said, “I see what you mean when you said you knew what I meant about living where you worked.” Twilight giggled and said, “Thanks.” Mordecai said, “But seriously, it is a nice little home.”

Before the two would continue their talk, Spike walked in the room and asked, “Is this a new friend of yours Twilight?” The new voice caught Mordecai off guard. He quickly turned around and saw a little light purple dragon with green scales. After seeing the dragon, he asked, “Is this the assistant you said that lives with you?” Twilight said, “Yes, this is Spike, and yes Spike, this is a new friend of mine. His name is Mordecai.” After seeing the blue jay, Spike said, “It’s nice to meet you Mordecai.” He then extended his hand out to him. Mordecai took his hand, shook it and said, “Same here Spike.”

Twilight couldn’t help but smile after seeing Mordecai and Spike getting along with each other so easily. After they finished with their introductions, Mordecai helped her pack what was left for her to pack for their journey. After using her magic to place her saddlebags on her back, Twilight was ready. She realized that the rest of the group wasn’t around and asked, “Where are the others?” Mordecai said, “Tails and Amy went to help Fluttershy with her animals back at her cottage. Shadow, Rouge and Rigby are with Pinkie at Sugarcube Corner.”

Twilight thought it over and asked, “Do you think they will join us to go to the mountain?” Mordecai shrugged and said, “I don’t think so. Shadow said that we can meet everyone at Sugarcube Corner when we get the emerald.” Confused by this, Spike asked, “Wait a minute, there’s an emerald here?” She turned to him and said, “Yes, it’s in the mountain where my friends and I went to last time.”

Mordecai asked, “When you say, “last time,” what do you mean by that? Was there something that was done there before?” She said, “Yes, but I can tell you about that later.” He felt uneasy about the last situation, but said, “Ok.”

Twilight showed him the map of the mountain, while Mordecai pulled out the radar. The radar showed that the emerald was at the top of the mountain. Once the emeralds location was found, Twilight pointed out a fast route for them to go on to get to the top of the mountain at a faster pace. After they finished looking over the map, she placed it into one of the bags; and with that, they were ready to go to the mountain.

Mordecai said in excitement, “Alright, this shouldn’t take long at all!” Once he opened the door, the sun immediately set once again, bringing nighttime to Ponyville. After the sunset, Twilight grabbed a flashlight and gave it to Mordecai. After they were set, they left the library and were ready to get the emerald.


Back in the land of Ooo, Sonic, Knuckles, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Applejack were running through the jungle, attempting to get out of it. Unfortunately, with Tails taking the radar to Ponyville, the group was having a hard time trying to find their way out because of the sun setting once again. Sonic said in frustration, “The sun just had to set again. I wish we had some light, it feels like we’ve been going in circles.” Knuckles said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Sonic, you know I can sense where the emeralds are, right?” Sonic smacked his forehead after remembering that Knuckles had that ability and said, “How could I have forgotten that? Mind pointing the way to the emerald?”

Unknown to the group, they were being spied on by Finn and Jake. Before Knuckles could attempt to locate the emerald, the group heard rustling in a nearby bush. Rainbow Dash checked the bush. After checking the bush, Finn jumped out of it and he glared at the group. After looking at the group with what little light he had from the moon, Finn spotted a blue figure. The only thing that came to mind, “Sonic”. After seeing him, his breathing became heavier and full of rage, he unsheathed his sword and yelled, “YYYYAAAAAH!!”

Finn swung his sword at Sonic. Surprised from the sudden attack, he dodged it by bending backwards. He then kicked Finn in the stomach. Sonic said in shock, “What was that for?!”

The sun rose again, giving everyone better lighting in the area. Sonic saw that the attacker was a boy, wearing a light blue shirt, blue denim shorts, a white bear hat, white socks and black shoes. What really caught him by surprise was the boy was wielding a red sword, and his face showed complete anger and hatred towards him. Confused by this, he asked, “Did I do something wrong?” The human pointed his sword at him and said, “Don’t act innocent Sonic! You know what you did!”

Sonic was left confused after hearing the boy call him out by name. He looked back at the group and they were as confused as he was. Rainbow suddenly asked, “Are you sure you didn’t do something to make this kid this mad?” Surprised from the question, he said, “I swear, I never met him before at all.”

Finn charged at Sonic again and was going to slash him with his sword, but he took a quick step back, causing Finn to miss again. Sonic then started running into the jungle, attempting to give himself distance from Finn. The boy then said, “Lets roll Jake!” A dog then jumped out of the bushes where he and Finn were hiding in. Finn got on Jake’s back, and he grew in size and height, causing the group to be surprised by Jake’s sudden change. Applejack said in surprise, “What in the hay?” After becoming a giant sized dog, Jake started running in the jungle, chasing after Sonic. Everyone was left in a state of shock after seeing the dog’s sudden change in size.

Rarity asked, “Knuckles, have either you or Sonic dealt with giant dogs before? Knuckles shook his head and said, “No. We’ve dealt with giant robots, and different giant creatures, but a giant dog is new.” Rainbow asked, “So, what now?” The group thought over what they were up against. After a few moments of thinking, Applejack said, “I got an idea; but first, let’s go catch up to Sonic, the boy and Jake.” And with that, the group ran into the jungle in hopes of catching up to Finn, Jake and Sonic.


With the sun rising again, Mordecai put the flashlight away. The pathway to getting to the top of the mountain was a lot easier for him and Twilight to see. After looking over the mountain, he became concerned about climbing it and asked, “Do you have any mountain climbing tools in your saddlebags?” She said, “No, I don’t have any, but it’s a lot easier to climb than you’d think. Just follow me.”

Twilight then started walking along the mountainside with ease. Mordecai was a little skeptical, but followed after her, grabbing the edges of the mountain and started climbing. After climbing 15 feet, he crawled over the edge of the mountain and found himself on a pathway. He spotted Twilight waiting patiently for him after he climbed up. She said, “I told you it was easy.” He said, “You weren’t kidding, so nothing but walking from here?” She nodded and said, “Yes, nothing but walking from here. It’s gonna be a while before we get to the top.”

The two had been walking for a while, and Twilight was still interested in hearing some of the things Mordecai and Rigby go through while they work at the park. She asked, “Would you like to tell me some of your adventures you were talking about before we went to that G.U.N. fortress.” Mordecai started thinking about some of the stuff he and Rigby went through and said, “Maybe later, I gotta think of something. Me and Rigby have been through a lot.” He turned to her and saw a design of stars on her flank. He then said, “But I have been wondering something though. What are those marks on your flank?” He blushed after he realized what he had said and quickly added, “Ugh…n-n-not that I was looking there, it’s just something that stands out from you, your friends and the other ponies here and I couldn’t help but notice.”

Curious from what he said, Twilight said, “Mark? Oh, you mean my cutie mark? Everypony gets their cutie mark after they discover their own talent that makes them special.” Mordecai said with a smile, “Hmm, hmm that sounds really cool. Mind telling me how you got yours?” Excited about her talent, she said, “No, not at all! It all started when I was a filly and I wanted to attend the Summer Sun Celebration back in Canterlot.”


After giving himself some distance from Finn, Sonic slowed down from his running and said, “Whew, gave him the slip.” Before he could completely relax, he heard giant footsteps coming his way. To his surprise, he saw the boy riding on the top of a giant dog. Finn said, “You’re a lot faster than I would have thought Sonic, I’ll give you that, but I’m still taking you down!” He said, “Your gonna have to catch me first, before trying anything kid.”

And with that, Sonic ran under the giant dog at top speed, catching the duo off guard. Jake turned around and chased him back in the jungle. Sonic continued to run through the jungle, but with Jake as a giant dog, they weren’t easy for him to lose. He eventually turned around in the jungle and ran the other direction. Finn and Jake saw the change of direction and chased him in the new direction. Finn yelled, “You can’t run forever Sonic!” “This kid will be in for a surprise then,” Sonic thought to himself in annoyance. While he continued avoiding Finn and Jake as best as he possibly could, Rainbow Dash flew next to him.

He turned to her and asked, “What are you doing here Dash?” She said, “AJ told me that she had a plan on slowing down Jake.” He asked, “The kid?” She shook her head and said, “No, the dog.” He still felt lost over the situation, but said, “Ok…what’s the plan?” She said, “First you need to turn around and circle three-tree rows to your left, and run back towards the clearing of this jungle. Trust me, we got something planned.” He said, “Ok, see you guys there.”

And with that, Rainbow Dash flew over the trees and flew back towards the group. Sonic made a sharp turn and circled the three tree rows that she told him to circle and he dashed towards where he was told the group was at. Finn and Jake saw the sharp turn he made, and they made a turn of their own and continued to chase after Sonic. Jake then said, “You can’t out run me Sonic!” Sonic said with a smile, “I was wondering if you could talk. Let’s just see you try and keep up with me!”

Sonic then let out a small burst of speed, taunting Jake on trying to keep up. He took the bait, and sped up his pace. After a minute of running, Sonic saw the clearing, and a set of vines around the area. He ran through the area, turned around and waited for Finn and Jake. Once the duo caught up, they saw Sonic standing in the open, leaving them curious. Finn then asked, “Your done running now?” Sonic said while taking a fighting stance, “You have a point kid I can’t run forever. Let’s just get this over with.” Jake took a step into the vines, unknowingly falling for a trap. Applejack suddenly yelled, “Now!”

Back on the ground, both she and Knuckles pulled their respective vines as hard as they could, the vines suddenly pulled upward and Jake tripped over the vines, losing his balance in the process. Rainbow Dash flew in with another set of vines and wrapped them around Jake’s legs. After the vines were set, Knuckles pulled on the vines and they were pulled tightly around Jake’s legs and he toppled over. Finn seeing Jake fall, decided to go after Sonic before dealing with the ponies and the echidna.

Finn said, “I’ll be back Jake.” Jake said, “Take care of him buddy.” He then jumped off of his head and was ready to strike Sonic with his sword.


After Jake was hogtied, Applejack started rubbing his stomach, causing him to shrink in size. He moaned and barked in satisfaction from the belly rub he was getting. She said, “He’s such a cute little dog!” Jake snapped out of his trance after hearing Applejack’s statement and said, “Hey! I’m not cute! I’m HOT!” Blushing from how he was acting, Rarity said, “Aw, isn’t that adorable! He’s mad now, even cuter!” Furious from the situation he’s been put in, Jake said, “AAAGH! What are you guys doing helping Sonic anyway?!” Knuckles said, “He’s our friend! What are you and that kid doing attacking him?!” Jake said, “He attacked our hero and tried to destroy the Candy Kingdom!”

Knuckles and the ponies looked at each other in confusion to Jake’s accusation. They turned back to him and decided to ask him a few questions. Rainbow Dash asked, “Ok, what in the hay are you talking about?” Jake said, “Mine and Finn’s hero, Billy, told us that Sonic had attempted to attack the Candy Kingdom, but he attacked Billy instead. After the fight, Sonic had left Billy and the Candy Kingdom out of boredom.” Out of anger, Knuckles grabbed him by his shoulders and lifted him up to eye level. Unknown to the group, the cotton candy clouds hovered over the area.

Knuckles yelled, “Listen dog! Whatever you heard is a lie! Sonic has been-.” But before he could go any further with his defense, he was hit on the nose from a raindrop. He looked up to the sky and saw the pink clouds covering the sky. He then said in worry, “Ugh, guys. Wasn’t it sunny and cloudless earlier?” The ponies looked up to the sky and were shocked to see the familiar clouds. Jake curiously looked up to the sky after seeing the ponies’ shocked expression. After looking up, it started downpouring on everyone.

Curious from the sudden downpour, Jake asked, “What’s this supposed to be?” Rainbow simply said, “Chocolate rain.” He then said, “Chocolate rain? Really?” He was going to try and drink the chocolate rain, but Knuckles shook him before he could and said, “Hey! None of that right now!” Applejack added, “Yeah, we don’t need another Pinkie Pie moment.” Confused by this, Jake asked, “A what?” Knuckles said, “We’ll explain everything later; right now we have a big problem. We gotta stop Finn from trying to hack Sonic to pieces.”

Realizing the situation, Jake said, “Oh gob! Finn stop attacking! FINN!!!!”


Once Finn landed on the ground, he dashed towards Sonic, while he stood there in his fighting stance, waiting for his attack. Finn swung his sword at him, but he dodged the attack with ease. He continued swinging his sword at Sonic, but each of his attacks were dodged with ease. Finn’s anger was growing the more Sonic dodged his attacks, but what topped it for Finn was the cocky grin Sonic had while he was dodging. He then threw a punch at him, but he caught the attack and said in a cocky attitude, “Your gonna have to do better than that kid.”

Finn growled in frustration and tried to swing his sword at Sonic again, but he stopped the attack with his left hand. Finn tried to break free, but Sonic had a good grip on his hands and kept him from attacking. Unknown to them, the clouds had gathered and it started downpouring chocolate rain on them. Sonic realized the change in the weather and grew worried over the chocolate rain and thought Discord was not far away from them. He then said, “Uh oh. Kid, we have a prob-.”

Before Sonic could give him the news, he was head butted by Finn. He lost his grip on Finn’s hands and was sent backwards, tumbling on the ground. He skidded to a halt about five feet from Finn and was in front of their Tree Fort. Finn saw this as his opportunity to finish Sonic off. He ran towards Sonic and had his sword raised. Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Knuckles and Jake saw this and were going to try and stop the fight. Jake yelled, “FINN!!!!!”

But he was too late to stop Finn, as his sword came down and was ready to strike Sonic.
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Chapter 8: here
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Chapter 11: coming soon

Sorry for the long wait, I had other projects that needed to be done. I was also working as much as I could with this chapter, and while I was working on it, I saw that this was going to be a lot longer than I thought.

As the story last left off on Chapter 7, Discord had tricked Finn and Jake, making them believe that he was Billy and that Sonic had attacked him. It appears that Time Eater had been doing its own views and has plans for the group, how this turns out will be seen soon.

Back in Ponyville, everyone has their own things to do while the group has split up into two groups. Rigby wants to get his fill on chocolate cake at Sugarcube Corner, and as you guessed it, he is the one person that lacks any patience, as well as manners. Anyone that can guess the pony cameo gets a cookie.

As for the trip up the mountain, Mordecai and Twilight have their supplies and should be good to make the trip up the mountain. More will be explained in the second part of the chapter.

And finally back in the Land of Ooo, Finn and Jake have caught up to Sonic and the gang, and are prepared to fight Sonic. The fight isn't easy for the duo, considering Sonic's speed and the help he has with Knuckles, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. After they had calmed Jake down, the familiar chocolate rain finds its way to Ooo, causing everyone to worry. Sonic lasts his own with Finn, but after being distracted by the chocolate rain, it gives Finn an open chance to attack Sonic, how will all this turn out? It will be explained more in the second part of chapter 8.

Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge and Time Eater belong to Sega

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo and Discord belong to Hasbro

Mordecai and Rigby belong to JG Quintel

Finn and Jake belong to Pendleton Ward
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