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It was just another casual day for Sonic, he was just having one of his runs before Tails bumped into him and invites him to go to the park. Little to Sonic’s knowledge, Tails and the rest of the gang had prepared a surprise party for him. After arriving at the park, Sonic had gotten a specially made chilidog and loved it. While everyone was enjoying the party, a sudden dark pulse exploded out of nowhere and interrupted the party. The force from the sudden blast sent all of the party supplies flying in the air, including Sonic’s chilidog, leaving the hedgehog disappointed after seeing it was gone. Unknown to Sonic at the time, a dark creature had come out of a portal, spreading fear to everyone at the party. The creature then opened up multiple small portals and had sucked all of Sonic’s friends into them. In a futile attempt, Sonic tried to attack the dark creature to save his friends, but the creature swatted Sonic away like a bug, and knocked him out in the process.

After regaining consciousness, Sonic found himself in white space and traveled through familiar areas that gave him déjà vu, one of them however was a blur to Sonic. Sonic then bumped into his past self while restoring the areas. It took time, but Sonic rescued all of his friends, went through his past and successfully restored the areas that the dark creature had torn from reality. He also collected all seven of the Chaos Emeralds, and had foiled all of Eggman’s past plans once again. It all lead up to the final battle with the dark creature that was known as Time Eater.

After opening the gateway, Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, Classic Tails and Modern Tails arrive at the Center of Time. What they saw was Time Eater, but ever since their last encounter with the dark creature, it had changed its form. It had four arms instead of two, two pair of wings, the gears from its back was now part of its arms, there were two orbs on top of Time Eater’s head and a giant sized orb holding the second set of arms and wings together.

“Okay, whatever you are,” Sonic declared to the dark creature. “If you want to avoid an embarrassing beat down, you better give up now!” He concludes with confidence.

The first orb on Time Eater’s head opened, revealing a familiar egg-shaped person. “You’re not in a position to demand anything, you nasty little pincushion!” Eggman shouted out in annoyance.

“Eggman! But, how?” Tails questioned. Sonic slapped his forehead and shook his head as if to say, “Why am I not surprised?”

The second orb opened, revealing another person. “He had a little help,” said the second person.

“Dr. Robotnik!” Tails said and pointed at the lower orb. Classic Sonic put a hand over his eyes to view the second orb correctly and was shocked to see it was Robotnik.

“Nobody calls me that anymore,” he states. “If you would be so kind as to explain, gentleman genius Dr. Eggman From The Future,” the classic Eggman says.

“It will be my pleasure, most excellent and efficacious Dr. Eggman Of The Past,” says the modern Eggman.

Modern Eggman then started going down memory lane and explains what has happened. “After my most recent setback, I stumbled upon the primordial form of this unique creation. Which I discovered had amazing abilities even I have never been able to master. It could erase time and space! I then had the brilliant idea to use my discovery to undo my previous defeats! In order to perfect it, I needed the help of somebody as smart as I am. The only person that smart… is me!” Modern Eggman concludes and gestures towards Classic Eggman.

Classic Eggman was flattered to get a compliment from his future self. “Oh, you are too kind, my dear future self! And I was happy to help!” he finishes happily.

“I captured your friends, flinging them through time to bait my traps,” Modern Eggman continues to explain his plan.

“But the more your monster tears through time, the more damage you do to the world!” Tails interrupts with the side effect to Eggman’s plan. Sonic looked at Tails and nodded in agreement to what he was saying and glared back at Eggman.

“The world? I’m going to own the world when I’m finished with Sonic! HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO!!!” Modern Eggman then coughed and continued his laughter, while Classic Eggman scratched his head and looked at his future self and says in disbelief, “Wow. Will I really get that crazy?”

Modern Eggman looked over his ship and talked to his past self, “Heheh! We’ll see who’s crazy after I destroy both Sonics… forever!”

“You mean after we destroy them,” Classic Eggman corrected his older self.

“Less arguing. More destroying,” Modern Eggman declared, and then sat back down on his chair in his ship. Sonic then responded in a cocky attitude. “Destroy me, you and what mustache? I beat you all the time by myself, and now there’s two of me!” Sonic said while pointing his thumb at his younger self, who did a back flip in excitement.

“Then I’ll have twice as much fun defeating you!” Modern Eggman declared and sat back in his ship.

The two orbs then closed and Time Eater started its assault on both Sonic’s. Both Modern and Classic Sonic sprang into action running towards Time Eater. They came to a halt once Time Eater started firing purple orbs at both Sonics. Modern and Classic Sonic then split up, avoiding the attack. Time Eater continued firing multiple purple orbs at the Sonics, which they easily avoided.

“Keep moving!” Modern Sonic shouts to his younger self. Classic Sonic then looked over at Modern Sonic and nodded; continuing to avoid each of the purple orbs.

“Move all you want! I’m still going to stomp you into a blue jelly,” said Modern Eggman.

Modern Eggman then pressed a button, causing one of Time Eaters arms to go into a time hole. After seeing that Time Eater stopped firing the purple orbs, both Modern and Classic Sonic regrouped and jumped towards Time Eater in an attempt to attack it. Time Eater then swatted both Sonics with one arm, sending them flying backwards and skidding on the floor. Both Sonics were trying to shake off the pain, and tired to get back to their feet. Modern Eggman laughed to himself in satisfaction, knowing he had them right where he wanted them. The arm that was sent through the time hole suddenly appeared behind both Sonics, once they got on their feet. They turned around and saw the arm, but didn’t have enough time to react to the sudden attack, leaving both Sonics squashed by the hand. Both Modern and Classic Sonic were knocked out after the arm raised itself from the ground.

“That was just to soften you up. Now it’s time to meet your doom,” Modern Eggman says. Time Eater’s arm returned to the body and was ready to continue its attack on both Classic and Modern Sonic, when all of a sudden…

“You can do it Sonic!” shouted Amy

“Come on Sonic. Smack him!” shouted Knuckles.

“Ugh, not you!” Modern Eggman yells in displeasure.

“You’ve got this Sonic!” Shadow assures.

“You can win Sonic!” Rouge says.

“Who are they?” questioned Classic Eggman.

“They are insignificant!” responded Modern Eggman in annoyance.

“You’ve got the power Sonic!” yelled Vector.

“Focus your spirit!” calmly says.

“We’re with you guys!” yells in excitement.

“I believe in you, Sonic!” Cream yelled in a pleading tone, while her Chao friend, Cheese, nods in agreement.

“Don’t give in, Sonic!” yelled Blaze.

“I know you can do this, Sonic!” says Silver in assurance.

“You can win, Sonic!” yelled Classic Tails.

“You always do!” Modern Tails assures.

The Chaos Emeralds then appeared and circled both Sonics and raised them off the ground. Modern Sonic’s hands twitched and clenched into fists, gaining the power the Chaos Emeralds had. Classic Sonic also opened his eyes, feeling the Emeralds powers as well. Modern Sonic then opened his eyes and pointed at Time Eater.

“Time to scramble some Eggmen, SUPER SONIC STYLE!” Modern Sonic yells, ready to fight.

Classic Sonic punched his right fist into his left hand and in a flash, both Modern and Classic Sonic transformed into their super forms. They both flew up in the air and charged towards Time Eater to begin the final battle.

The battle between the two Sonics and the new and improved Time Eater was intense. Both Eggman’s added more power to Time Eater than the Sonics had thought. The Eggmen had used the Warping Arm Attack to start the fight. The Sonics saw it coming and avoided the attack easily. Time Eater then used its Homing Shot, firing one after the other. The gang were scared of what they were seeing with the Homing Shot, hoping both Sonics would be safe. Thanks to the floating debris from the areas that Time Eater tore through, the Homing Shots had hit them instead of the Sonics. After avoiding the Homing Shots, both Sonics charged at the core of the Time Eater. Time Eater tried to squish the Sonics when they got close, but they dodged the attack and continued their assault on the core. Time Eater groaned in pain after the core was damaged, and it got ready for the next attack.

Time Eater then used both of its arms for a Warping Arm Attack to try to hit both Sonics, but once again, they were easily avoided. After getting its arms back, Time Eater then shot its Orbs at the Sonics. The orbs had temporally slowed the Sonics down. Time Eater then fired more Homing Shots at the Sonics. Classic Sonic tried to pull himself and Modern Sonic out of the wormhole, but he found that he couldn’t. “Just follow my lead,” Modern Sonic told his younger self, who obliged. They dodged the Homing Shots with ease and Modern Sonic came up with a plan to strike Time Eater’s core again. Modern Sonic used Chaos Control to slow time down and he and Classic Sonic easily charged at the orb again, causing Time Eater more damage. Time Eater then lost the bottom pair of wings and set of arms.

Out of fear, both Modern and Classic Eggman had distanced themselves from both Sonics and fired a barrage of Homing Shots at them. Out of defense, Classic Sonic pulled himself and Modern Sonic out of the wormhole and avoided the onslaught of Homing Shots. Time Eater then charged up a lot of energy and before both Sonics could respond, it unleashed the energy and slowed time down. This caused both Sonics to be stuck outside of the wormhole in slow motion, while Time Eater was left alone and charged up a powerful laser shot. Once time had been restored, Time Eater also stepped out of the wormhole and fired the laser at the Sonics. At the last second, Modern Sonic pulled himself and Classic Sonic back into the wormhole. They then charged at Time Eater once it came back in the wormhole and damaged the core even more, causing the trio great frustration.

Sonic’s friends started cheering in excitement, seeing that both Classic and Modern Sonic are easily handling the threat of the universe and they weren’t even breaking a sweat at it. In one final attempt, both Classic and Modern Eggman triggered Time Eater’s strongest attack.

“WE’LL END IT! BURN, BURN TO ASHES!!!” both the Eggmen yelled.

Time Eater charged up a giant fireball and fired it at the Sonics. It was so big that they knew it was unavoidable for the Sonics. Instead of trying to avoid the attack, both Classic and Modern Sonic grabbed each other’s hand and spun into the fireball with great speed and power, easily cutting through the fireball and aimed their sights on the core. “NOW GO FOR IT!” Everyone shouted, seeing that the Sonics had the battle wrapped up. With their combined powers, the Sonics tore through the fireball without sustaining any damage, and crashed into the core. Time Eater exploded once the Sonics shattered the core.

Once the explosion subsided, Sonic found himself back at the park. He then saw his chilidog that was blown away earlier, falling from the sky. Sonic grabbed it and started eating it again.

“Still warm. Heheheh. Time Travel,” he said to himself in satisfaction.

Sonic then saw his younger self run up to the picnic table, and they both saw all their friends teleport back to the picnic table as well. Everyone cheered for joy, seeing that Sonic once again saved the day. Amy stared dreamily at Sonic with her hands clasped.

“I’ll admit, you weren’t half bad, Sonic,” said Knuckles.

“Half bad? Are you kidding?” Amy shouts and pushes Knuckles into a nearby tree. “He was all great!” Amy concludes and went back to admiring Sonic after pushing Knuckles into the tree. Knuckles slid to the ground after hitting the tree hard. Classic Sonic then looked at his future self in amazement from the scene, seeing that he has someone in the future admiring him. Modern Sonic scratched the left side of his head and looked away with a slight blush. Classic and Modern Sonic turned over to see Classic and Modern Tails talking to each other.

“He collects how many? Wow, where does somebody put all those gold rings?” questioned Classic Tails.

“You know what? I don’t know, I keep forgetting to ask,” Modern Tails responded.

Everyone continued celebrating at the party. They enjoyed themselves with short conversations and eating more cake and chilidogs. All except for Classic and Modern Sonic, who were talking with each other.

“It was great teaming up with you. Hope you learned a few tricks that’ll help you out in the future,” Sonic said with a smile. “I mean the past. You know what I mean!” Sonic concluded in annoyance from the whole “Time Paradox” thing.

Classic Sonic nodded in understanding and pointed his two thumbs at himself, saying “I got this.” He then ran and jumped in the air and attempted to do the boost, but couldn’t get it down right away. He tried to keep himself from falling by trying to grab the air, but he fell and hit head first on the ground. Modern Sonic then clapped his hands and cheered his younger self up.

“Dude, sweet! And you’re only going to get better,” said Sonic in excitement, knowing he’ll get it down someday.

Classic Sonic scratched the right side of his head with his facial expression reading, “You really think so?” Classic and Modern Tails ran up to the Sonics.

“There’s our ride,” said Classic Tails while pointing at a nearby portal.

The portal that was seen, lead to the Green Hill area. Classic Sonic then looked at Classic Tails and nodded in agreement silently saying, “Let’s move out.” Modern Sonic gave his younger self a high five, while Classic Tails gave his older self a double high five. They both went to the portal to leave.

“Hey Sonic! Enjoy your future. It’s going to be great!” yelled Sonic.

Classic Sonic looked back with a grin and gave a thumbs up with his facial expression saying, “You know it!” Both Classic Sonic and Classic Tails went through the portal and it disappeared before Modern Sonic and the gang. Everyone waved goodbye and Sonic stood there with a smile, knowing his younger self will live a great life leading up to how he is today.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Time Eater had survived the explosion and was slowly regaining its strength. “I’ll get you Sonic! I SWEAR IT!!!!”

Chapter End
Chapter 1: here
Chapter 2: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 2
Chapter 2.5: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch. 2.5
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Chapter 10 PART 1: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.10 PART 1
Chapter 10 PART 2: Friendship, Disharmony and Sonic Ch.10 PART 2
Chapter 11: Coming Soon
Here is the beginning of my crossover story. It will all begin with Sonic. This story takes place after the events of Sonic Generations, this chapter as well as all of chapter 2, will be a prologue to the story.

As for the time saving part of the story. As someone that grew up with Back to the Future, I have had time travel thought over, and understood as a kid. So my thoughts are that in the events from Sonic '06, everything has been erased after the change happend at the end of the game. Just so anyone wont get confused (and for the sake of the fans that went through the game).

I hope everyone will enjoy the story. I'll upload the other chapters soon.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Cream the Rabbit, Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman/Dr. Robotnik and Time Eater all belong to Sega :iconsegaplz:
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