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It was just another day at the park. Mordecai and Rigby were finishing up their job of mowing the lawn. They thought if they started early in the morning, they could finish before it got too hot. Mowing the lawn took a lot longer than they thought, and the summer heat was beating down on them badly. They were left exhausted after finishing their job and putting the mower away.

Rigby: Dude, I'm glad we got that taken care of. I thought I was gonna die out there.

Mordecai: I know dude, I'm just glad when this day is done, it'll by our day off tomorrow.

An idea came into Mordecai's mind right there, while Rigby was rambling on some ideas for their day off.

Rigby: So what should we do tomorrow? Should we play some Strong Johns? Get a grilled cheese sandwich from Cheezer's? Or should we catch that "Ted" movie people have been talking about?

Mordecai: Actually, I've been thinking about asking Twilight Sparkle to go on a date.

Rigby: What? Why?

Mordecai: Because I feel like asking her out.

Rigby: Dude, she's a unicorn.

Mordecai: Ugh, I don't know how many times I've said this already. Twilight's nothing like those unicorns that were here before. There's something special about her.

Rigby: There's something special about her alrigh-OW!

???: Sometimes I wonder if you enjoy getting punched.

Mordecai and Rigby looked over and saw who the voice belonged to, while he pulled his fist away from the back of Rigby's head and crossed his arms.

Mordecai: Oh, hey. What's up Sonic?

Sonic: Not a whole lot, just another one of those days. I was just doing some running, and I wanted to drop by.

Mordecai: That's cool. Hey, can I ask you to do me a favor?

Sonic: I don't see why not. What's up?

Mordecai: I wanted to ask Twilight on a date, and I was hoping you'd help me get to Ponyville with Chaos Control.

Sonic: Any ideas on what you wanted to do on your date with Twilight?

Mordecai: I thought a dinner and a movie would be good.

Sonic: Dude, that idea is overused. How about you do something where the two of you could talk and still enjoy spending your time with each other?

Mordecai: Hmm, it is summer. The weather might be better in Ponyville than here. Maybe a picnic will do.

Rigby: A picnic? Are you serious Mordecai?

Mordecai: Yeah, think about it. I can spend time with her in Ponyville, rather than take her somewhere out of town. A picnic can have us talk and share some laughs with each other, and a nice sunset is the only thing that can top it.

Sonic: Sounds like someone's already got a plan B figured out.

Rigby chuckled at Sonic's response, trying not to laugh at Mordecai's loneliness. He received a death glare from Mordecai for that.

Sonic: Are you ready to go Mordo?

Mordecai: Let's get going.

Sonic pulled out a blue chaos emerald, and used Chaos Control. In an instant, both Sonic and Mordecai were gone.

Benson: Mordecai, Rigby!

Sonic and Mordecai arrived in the Everfree Forest and started walking towards Ponyville. Sonic decided to start a conversation with Mordecai while they were walking to Twilight's house.

Sonic: Hey Mordecai, I noticed Rigby laughed at my statement before we left. Did you have any bad experiences with dates before?

Mordecai: Sort of. Weather it was Rigby ruining the date with his ten solids, or that the girl I went out with was only there for a solid for her friend.

Sonic: Ooh, sorry to hear about that man.

Mordecai: It's no problem; she and I are still friends. I usually think of a good amount of dating scenarios on my free time.

Sonic: So that means you've had a lot of free time to yourself.

Mordecai: You could say that.

The duo shared a laugh from their conversation. After a few minutes of walking, Mordecai just realized something.

Mordecai: Dude, I think I have a problem with the picnic. I don't know what Twilight eats.

Mordecai started to panic a little after thinking about the food for the picnic.

Sonic: Don't sweat it dude. The first thing you gotta do, is ask Twilight out. If she says yes to your picnic date, we'll ask her friends what she eats; they should be able to help us out on that.

Mordecai: You're right, thanks man.

They arrived at Twilight's home shortly after their conversation had ended. Sonic stayed back, while Mordecai went up to the door. Mordecai took a deep breath, and knocked on the door a couple of times.

Twilight was doing some studying in her library. She was looking through numerous books so she could find a specific spell she wanted to use. Spike was watching Twilight frantically looking for the book, and thought that she needed a day off.

Spike: Twilight, don't you have any plans with your friends?

Twilight Sparkle: No, everypony has plans of their own for today. We won't have any group activity for a couple of weeks.

Spike: But still, you can't just stay in here and study nonstop all the time.

After finally finding the book she was looking for, Twilight immediately started looking through the book for the spell she wanted to try. She continued talking to Spike while she skimmed through each of the pages.

Twilight Sparkle: Well, what do you think I should do then?

While Spike was thinking about what Twilight should do, she found a levitating spell for liquids. She ran over to the kitchen and got a glass of water for her test. When she returned in the library, Spike had an idea for Twilight.

Spike: How about go out on a date?

Twilight Sparkle: A date? Really Spike?

Spike: Why not? I'm sure somepony around here would be interested in dating you.

Twilight started focusing her energy on the glass of water, and started levitating the water out of the glass. While she concentrated on the water, she was also thinking over Spike's suggestion.

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe, but there's nopony I'm interested in dating around here though.

Spike: Hmm, well then, what about Mordecai?

Twilight almost lost her concentration on the water after hearing Mordecai's name.

Twilight Sparkle: Wha-what? Mordecai? What about Mordecai?

Spike: You know, go on a date with him?

Twilight looked away from Spike to hide her blush.

Twilight Sparkle: I don't like him like that!

Spike looked at Twilight in disbelief, and saw the water she had levitated from the glass.

Spike: Try explaining that then.

Twilight looked at Spike in confusion and had seen him pointing at something. She looked up and saw that the water had taken the shape of Mordecai's head. Twilight grinned sheepishly at Spike, but he still looked at her in disbelief. Twilight saw that Spike wasn't going to back off of his statement, and with what she unknowingly did, there was no denying it.

Twilight Sparkle: *sigh* Fine, you got me. I'd like to go out with Mordecai, but he works back at that park far away from here.

Before Spike could ask another question, there was a knock at the door. After hearing the knock, Twilight lost her concentration of the water she was levitating, and it splashed on her head. She ignored it and went to the door to open it. To Twilight's surprise, the person on the other side of the door was none other than Mordecai. A light blush appeared on her face after seeing him.

Twilight Sparkle: Mordecai?

Mordecai: Hi Twilight.

Twilight pulled Mordecai into a hug after seeing him. Mordecai was a little surprised, but he hugged her back. After he touched her mane, he pulled his hand away from it.

Mordecai: Ugh, Twilight. Why is your mane wet?

Twilight Sparkle: I was trying out a new spell. A better question would be, what are you doing here, and how did you get here?

Sonic: Hey Twilight!

Mordecai and Twilight looked over and saw Sonic waving casually to them on a branch in a nearby tree.

Twilight Sparkle: So what brings you to Ponyville Mordecai?

Mordecai: Well, ugh I was wondering. Are you busy tomorrow?

Twilight stared at Mordecai a little curious to hear his question.

Twilight Sparkle: No, I have nothing planned for tomorrow. Why do you ask?

Twilight gave Mordecai a small smile and waited patiently for his response.

Mordecai: I was wondering. *takes deep breath* Would you like to go on a date with me?

Twilight was surprised to hear Mordecai actually asking her to go on a date with him. Twilight looked away from Mordecai to hide her blush from him. Before she could tell him her answer, Spike had beaten her to it.

Spike: She'd love to.

Twilight Sparkle: Spike! Yes, I'd like to go out with you. What did you have in mind?

Mordecai: I was thinking a picnic at the park here in Ponyville would be good.

Twilight Sparkle: It sounds great.

Mordecai: Alright, I'll see you at 2 in the afternoon.

Twilight Sparkle: I'll see you Mordecai.

Mordecai: Yeah, see ya.

Twilight closed the door behind her with her magic, and was overjoyed with what had happened. She started hopping around in excitement knowing that she had a date with Mordecai.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh my gosh, Mordecai asked me out! Mordecai asked me out!

After the door closed, Mordecai expressed how happy he was with his date with Twilight. Sonic arrived shortly after to congratulate Mordecai on the date.

Mordecai: Aw, yeah-yuh! I got a date with Twilight!

Sonic: Way to go dude!

They gave each other a hug/handshake. The duo separated and left the library to look for one of Twilight's friends to help them get a couple of ideas for the picnic.

Twilight glanced out the window and saw Sonic and Mordecai walk past her home. She sighed to herself in content, still happy that she was going to be on a date with Mordecai. Realization suddenly hit her and her smile faded.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh my. Spike, I have a problem.

Spike: What do you mean? Are you having second thoughts for your date?

Twilight Sparkle: No! I don't have second thoughts. I just realized something; this is my first date. I don't know what to do. What if I say something embarrassing? What if I do something embarrassing? What if Mordecai doesn't speak to me again if I do mess this up?

Twilight continued babbling about her inexperience on dates, and created strange scenarios of the aftermath to the date if she messed up. Spike shook his head at Twilight's overreaction to something as simple as a picnic.

Spike: Twilight, you and Mordecai are just going to go on a picnic. There's nothing to worry over.

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe your right. But I still need as much help as I can get for this date.

Twilight left the library and chose to ask her friends for some advice for the date.

Sonic and Mordecai were walking around Ponyville throwing some ideas to each other for the picnic and what could be taken.

Sonic: Fruit is always good for a picnic.

Mordecai: So a fruit salad, that works. Sandwiches are good.

Sonic: Just make sure none of them have meat. You'll need drinks obviously.

Mordecai: Water and pop can go well. Do you think Pinkie can help me with something?

Sonic: Like what exactly?

Mordecai: Pops has been telling me about some bread he says is good. He told me it was called zucchini bread, and I thought I'd ask Pinkie to help make it for me for the picnic.

Sonic: That sounds good to bring. I'm sure she can help you with that. Maybe she can also help with some other ideas for the picnic.

After walking for a good while, the duo arrived at Sugarcube Corner. They entered the place and spotted Pinkie Pie at the counter. The place was a little busy, so the line for Sonic and Mordecai didn't last too long. Once it was their turn, they asked Pinkie if she could do the favor for them.

Sonic: Hey Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie: Hey Sonic and Mordecai. What are you two doing here?

Mordecai: I came and asked Twilight on a picnic date.

Pinkie Pie: Oh my! Did she say yes? Did she say yes?

Pinkie was hoping in excitement, waiting to hear Mordecai's answer.

Mordecai: She said "yes".

Pinkie Pie: That's really super duper great to hear! Do you need any cupcakes for the picnic?

Sonic: No, but Mordo wants to ask if you could bake something for him.

Pinkie Pie: Sure, what do you want Mordecai?

Mordecai: I was kind of hoping that you could make a zucchini bread for the picnic.

Pinkie Pie: No sweat. I can have that done by tomorrow at one in the afternoon.

Mordecai: Perfect, also, do you know what Twilight likes to eat?

Pinkie Pie: Did you cover fruits?

Sonic: Yeah, we had that covered.

Pinkie Pie: There was a special kind of sandwich, but I forgot what it was. Maybe Rainbow Dash knows.

Mordecai: Thanks Pinkie.

Before the two could leave, Rainbow Dash entered Sugarcube Corner. She saw the two and gave them a smile.

Rainbow Dash: Hey guys, what's up?

Sonic: Not a whole lot, Mordecai asked Twilight to go out with him for a picnic date tomorrow.

Rainbow Dash: That's cool.

Mordecai: But now, I'm trying to get things taken care of for the picnic. I asked Pinkie to make something for me before tomorrow, and she also told me that you might know a sandwich that Twilight likes. I thought I could make it and bring it for the picnic.

Rainbow Dash: Oh, that? It was a Daffodil and Daisy sandwich. Is there anything else you might need?

The two thought about the question, but before they had any ideas, Mordecai's radio was going off.

Benson: Mordecai, come in Mordecai!

Mordecai: Oh geez, it's Benson! *pulls radio out* Hey Benson, what do  you need?

Benson: I need you to help Rigby! Where are you?!

Mordecai was hesitant at responding, since he was not done with work just yet.

Skips: Mordecai is helping me with one of the karts Benson. We're almost finished with the repairs.

Benson: Alright, when he's done helping, have him help Rigby paint over the graffiti at the restrooms.

Skips: I will Benson.

Mordecai: Looks like my work isn't done at the park just yet.

Sonic: Yeah, I know. I think we can take care of the rest from here; I gotta get Mordo back to the park, before Benson fires him.

Sonic pulled out the blue emerald and used Chaos Control once again, teleporting both him and Mordecai out of Ponyville and were heading back to the park.

The duo returned to the park in Skips' garage.

Mordecai: Thanks Skips, I owe you one.

Skips: No problem. So how did it go with Twilight?

Sonic: How did you know -?

Skips: I know everything.

Sonic stared in surprise and amazement, while Mordecai held back a chuckle.

Skips: I'm just messing with ya; Rigby told me a few minutes after you guys left.

Sonic: Oh.

Mordecai: As for how it went with Twilight. It went good. She said yes for a picnic date tomorrow.

Skips: That's good to hear. Do you have everything planned for the picnic?

Sonic: Yeah, we threw some ideas to each other back in Ponyville. Pinkie Pie is helping with that zucchini bread Mordecai was thinking about.

Skips: Do you also have any other ideas for the picnic?

Mordecai: Yeah, I want to make one of Twilight's favorite sandwiches, as well as a fruit salad. Oh, man! How am I gonna get all of that done by tomorrow?

Sonic: That's why you have me as a friend; I can take care of that. I'll be right back.

Sonic dashed to the house and grabbed a picnic basket. Once Sonic was done with that, he used Chaos Control again, leaving Mordecai at the park.

Sonic reappeared in Ponyville at Sweet Apple Acres and spotted Applejack finishing up her applebucking for the day.

Sonic: Hey Applejack.

Applejack: Howdy Sonic. What brings you by?

Sonic: I was wondering if you had any apples to spare for a picnic.

Applejack: You mean the picnic for Mordecai and Twilight?

Sonic: How did you know about that?

Applejack: Twi was here a few moments ago asking if I could make an apple pie for their picnic. I told her I'd have it finished by tomorrow at noon.

Sonic: Nice! So, do you mind if they had some apples for the picnic?

Applejack: I don't mind at all.

Applejack gave Sonic eight apples, while Sonic paid for them.

Sonic: Thanks again AJ, I gotta move. I have a few more stops to make.

Applejack: Anytime Sonic, see ya later.

Sonic waved goodbye to Applejack and left Sweet Apple Acres.

Twilight headed to Rarity's Boutique after her visit with Applejack. She figured that Rarity should be able to help her with some dating tips. But by the time Twilight got to the boutique, Rarity was already outside and was ready to leave.

Twilight Sparkle: Hey Rarity, wait up!

Rarity stopped in her tracks and saw Twilight running towards her.

Rarity: Hello Twilight. What brings you by darling?

Twilight Sparkle: I wanted to ask you something.

Rarity: Can you ask me at the spa? I'm meeting Fluttershy for our weekly get-together.

Twilight Sparkle: Sure, I don't mind.

They left the boutique and were on their way to the spa. The walk to the spa didn't take too long, and when they entered, they saw Fluttershy sitting on a bench. She was reading a fashion magazine, waiting patiently for Rarity. After hearing the door open, Fluttershy looked up to see that Rarity and Twilight were there.

Rarity: Sorry fur running late, Twilight bumped into me when I was leaving my boutique. You don't mind if she joins us for today, do you?

Fluttershy: Oh no, I don't mind at all Rarity.

Rarity paid for Twilight's entry to the spa, and the girls went in from there. The three ponies started the spa day in one of the steam rooms. After a few moments of relaxing in the steam room, Rarity decided to ask Twilight about what she needed to talk about.

Rarity: So Twilight, what was it you wanted to talk to me about earlier?

Twilight Sparkle: I wanted to ask you about some dating tips.

Rarity: Dating tips? Were you planning on asking somepony for a date?

Twilight Sparkle: No, I was already asked for a date for tomorrow.

Fluttershy: Who asked you, if you don't mind me asking that is?

Rarity: Yes, I'd like to know as well.

Twilight Sparkle: Mordecai.

Rarity & Fluttershy: Mordecai?!

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, Mordecai. Sonic brought him over to my house, and he asked me right there.

Rarity and Fluttershy gave Twilight a hug after hearing the news.

Rarity: That's wonderful to hear Twilight! When did Mordecai want to do the date?

Twilight Sparkle: He wanted to do the date at two in the afternoon.

Fluttershy: That's a little early for a date. What did he have planned?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm sorry, I got ahead of myself. The date he planned was a picnic date here at the park.

The girls continued to talk about what Twilight should do during the date, it went from small conversation starters, to manners, and to kissing, leaving Twilight with a blush from the subject. As they got hooficures, massages, and hotbathed in the hot tub, along with reassurance from her friends, Twilight was feeling more comfortable with the idea of dating. They finished their day at the spa and left. Before Twilight left, Rarity wanted to ask Twilight one more question.

Rarity: Do you know what to wear for your date?

Twilight Sparkle: Well it's just going to be a picnic date. I don't think I'll need to wear anything to… actually, I think I do know what to wear.

And with that, Twilight ran back to her home with a smile on her face. She was now happy and ready for her date.

After traveling the world, Sonic returned to the park with the picnic basket full of what Mordecai and Twilight's picnic date needed. He had apples from Applejack, some bananas, peaches and pineapples for the fruit salad. He also picked at least ten daffodils and daisies for Twilight's sandwich, and some bottled water.

Sonic: This should be enough to help out Mordecai.

Sonic entered the house and started looking for Mordecai. He ended up finding him in the kitchen trying to prepare some of the food for the picnic on his own.

Sonic: Hey Mordo, all done with work this time?

Mordecai: Yeah, I'm done this time. I've been working on the fruit salad, but I don't have a whole lot of fruit to work with.

Sonic: Well it's a good thing you know a friend that can travel the world within a day.

Mordecai: Huh? What are you talking about?

Sonic set the picnic basket next to Mordecai on the counter, and he saw what he was talking about. The basket had a great variety of fruit, flowers for the sandwich, and some bottled water.

Mordecai: Thanks Sonic.

Sonic: No problem Mordo. Need any help with this?

Mordecai: You did enough I can handle this.

Sonic left the kitchen, and Mordecai got to work with the food preparations. Mordecai finished up the fruit salad with the fruit Sonic had brought. He got to work on the daffodil and daisy sandwich for Twilight; it didn't take too long for him to work on. Mordecai decided to make a couple of more sandwiches after finishing the daffodil and daisy sandwich. Mordecai was tired from preparing the food for the picnic. He went to bed once he put the dishes in the basket, the fruit salad and the sandwiches away in the fridge.

The day of the picnic date finally arrived. Twilight woke up early to prepare for the date. She started with making sure that her dress was perfect for the date. The dress she wanted to wear was the same dress Rarity made for her for her birthday. There were no wrinkles spotted, and from the last time she wore it, it had no stains.

Twilight Sparkle: Perfect. It's almost noon. Maybe I should let pie Applejack made cool off before I pick it up.

While she was letting time pass by, she began brushing her mane.

Back at the park, Mordecai tiredly woke up, and saw that it was 12:45 P.M. The shock of realization woke him right up.

Mordecai: Ugh! Rigby!

Rigby groggily woke up and saw that Mordecai was glaring at him.

Rigby: What dude?

Mordecai: I told you to set the alarm!

Rigby: I did set it.

Mordecai: Yeah, for 10 P.M, instead of 10 A.M, you idiot. Didn't you learn from the last time?

Mordecai got no response from Rigby, he saw that he had fallen asleep again. He shook his head at Rigby and left the room. Mordecai washed and prepared himself for the date as quickly as possible. Once he was done, he went to the kitchen and pulled the food out for the picnic. By the time he was ready, it was already 1:20 P.M.

Mordecai: Oh man! I'm not gonna make it at this rate.

Sonic: Need some help Mordo?

Mordecai looked around the area, after hearing Sonic's voice. He eventually saw that Sonic was on the roof of the house.

Mordecai: Dude, what are you doing here? I thought you left.

Sonic: The trip to Ponyville isn't just around the corner, I had a feeling you'd need my help.

Mordecai: Thanks again Sonic, you're a lifesaver.

Sonic: Before we go, I think you forgot something.

Mordecai: What are you-?

Mordecai realized that when he rushed himself and saw the time, he forgot about the picnic basket. He went back inside to get the basket.

Sonic: Don't forget the blanket!

Mordecai stopped in place after hearing Sonic's outburst. He ran through the house, looking for the blanket. After going to the storage area, Mordecai found a blanket to use for the picnic. He ran back to the kitchen and grabbed the picnic basket and went back to Sonic.

Mordecai: *pant* I'm ready to go now.

Sonic: It's about time!

Sonic pulled out the blue emerald and used Chaos Control, teleporting the duo to Ponyville.

After Twilight put her yellow dress on, she was pacing herself in her home, waiting for Mordecai. After seeing her clock, it read it was 1:55 P.M; she started getting worried, thinking that Mordecai wasn't going to show up.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, Mordecai. Where are you?

Spike: He'll be here don't worry about it Twilight.

Before Twilight could respond, there was a knock on the door. She ran towards the door and opened it. All of Twilight's worries went away once she saw Mordecai breathing hard and hunched over with the picnic basket for their date.

Mordecai: Sorry for running late, I had to pick something up.

Twilight Sparkle: You aren't late you made it on time. I was worried you might not have shown up.

Mordecai: Sorry for the worry. I…I-I-I-I-I-I

Mordecai stammered from what he saw. He saw Twilight wearing a yellow dress with a pink ribbon tied in the front and hung around to her back. It was simple, but it looked good on her. Twilight smiled at Mordecai's reaction to the dress. She levitated the apple pie towards her, put it in the basket, and closed the door to the library. Mordecai snapped out of his trance after hearing the door close and the two left for the park. A few moments later, they arrived at the park, and decided to have their picnic on top of the hilltop.

Twilight Sparkle: This should be a good spot.

Mordecai looked around the area, and liked what he saw.

Mordecai: Yeah, this will do nicely.

Mordecai pulled out the checkered blanket from the basket and laid it out on the grass. After the basket was set, Mordecai and Twilight sat on the blanket, ready to start their date. Mordecai decided to start the date off with two apples for them. After Mordecai took a bite from his apple, Twilight decided to start the conversation.

Twilight Sparkle: So Mordecai, how have things been going at the park?

Mordecai: Well it's still standing. I guess it's safe to say that everything has been going good. How are things here in Ponyville going?

Twilight Sparkle: Everything's been good, my friends and me went to my brother's wedding a couple of months ago.

Mordecai: I didn't know you had a brother. Is he the oldest or something?

Twilight Sparkle: Yep, he's my B.B.B.F.F.

Mordecai gave Twilight a questioning look after hearing her abbreviation.

Twilight Sparkle: Big Brother Best Friend Forever.

Mordecai: Ohhh, ok! I'm guessing the two of you are close then?

Twilight Sparkle: You guessed right.

Mordecai pulled out two bottled waters, and gave one to Twilight. After opening his water bottle, he chose to continue ask more about the wedding she went to.

Mordecai: How did that wedding go?

Twilight Sparkle: It's kind of a long story, but my brother married my old foal sitter, Princess Cadance.

Mordecai turned to his side and spat his water out in surprise after hearing that Twilight's brother was married to a princess, surprising Twilight in the process.

Twilight Sparkle: Are you ok Mordecai?

Mordecai: *cough* I'm fine. Your brother married a princess?!

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah…

Mordecai: So wouldn't that technically make you a princess now?

Twilight Sparkle: In a way, I guess it does.

Mordecai sat there in a state of shock after just hearing about the idea of Twilight being a princess. Twilight seeing this, thought she came on too strong and thought she ruined the picnic date with Mordecai.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm sorry Mordecai. I wanted to make this first date to be a great date with you. Instead, I just messed the whole thing up. If you don't want to do this anymore, just tell me right now.

After hearing Twilight's apology, and seeing her shed a tear, Mordecai felt bad for his behavior. "Way to go Mordo, she's upset with the spaz attacks you just had. Princess or not, she is still you're date, and you're gonna continue and finish it on a good note," Mordecai sternly told himself.

Mordecai: No Twilight, it's fine. I'm the one that should be apologizing. I shouldn't have acted so stupid over what you were telling me about your brother and his wedding.

Twilight Sparkle: You didn't know.

Mordecai: But it was still good to know. I mean, I never thought I'd be a close friend of a princess'.

Twilight felt a lot better seeing that Mordecai wasn't in his state of shock anymore. Mordecai pulled out the zucchini bread and gave a piece to Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: Unless you see me in a castle of my own, I wouldn't go that far.

Mordecai: Good point, maybe a castle of books would be something for you.

Twilight Sparkle: Mordecai.

The two shared a laugh after that. The date went good from there. They each shared their own stories from Mordecai and Rigby attempting to get free cake, to Twilight's misfortune to Pinkie Pie's "Pinkie Sense", to the prank calls Mordecai and Rigby pulled at the park, to Twilight getting a supposed bad message from the future. While they shared some laughs and continued their picnic, the sun was starting to set in Ponyville. Their food has been long gone after a while, they were left with water while Mordecai was telling his story from eating too much junk food.

Mordecai: And that's why you should never eat a snack bar full of sweets.

Twilight Sparkle: *laughs* I gotta remember to tell Pinkie that one later.

Mordecai laid on the grass with his arms folded behind his head, while Twilight laid on the grass next to Mordecai, enjoying the sunset with him. Mordecai looked to his left and couldn't help but stare at Twilight. Everything about her, told him, that she was the most beautiful girl he knew. He ended up remembering what she said earlier and decided to ask her about it.

Mordecai: So this is your first date?

Twilight looked at Mordecai in confusion.

Twilight Sparkle: What was that?

Mordecai: How could this be a first date, for a pony as pretty as you?

Twilight blushed at his statement from being called "pretty".

Twilight Sparkle: Just like making friends, I didn't think dating was necessary before. Did you have dates before this?

Mordecai: I had some other dates. Rigby created a page for me on a dating site, and he wanted to help me get out of my bad mood from another girl I knew. Among the girls, one of them turned out to be really cool, but I didn't see a relationship with her that went past being friends.

Twilight Sparkle: Another girl? Did you have a bad relationship with the girl before those other dates?

Mordecai: You could say that, yeah.

Twilight Sparkle: So, would you be interested in getting a girlfriend, or do you just want to stick with dating?

Mordecai: I've been single too long, I wouldn't mind a girlfriend.

Twilight Sparkle: Ok, one more question. Would it be bad if I kissed you?

Mordecai: I'll answer your question with a question. Would it be bad if I kissed you back?

Twilight turned and propped herself over Mordecai, looking him straight in the eye.

Twilight Sparkle: Not at all.

Twilight then pressed her lips on Mordecai's beak, and he starts kissing her back. Mordecai had his left hand on Twilight's back, while his right hand was holding the back of her head. The kiss was simply intoxicating for them. Twilight melted into the kiss once Mordecai returned the kiss, Mordecai was becoming lightheaded after the kiss lasted a few seconds. Everything around them disappeared for them, the trees weren't there, the picnic area wasn't there, and they were in their own little world enjoying their first kiss with each other. After the kiss lasted a minute, they parted for breathing needs. They looked into each other's eyes and saw the love they had for each other in them. Twilight rested her head on Mordecai's chest and had a smile on her face. Mordecai stroked her mane with his left hand while he placed his right hand behind his head.

Mordecai: Are you ready to go Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Can we lay her for a few more minutes?

Mordecai: Sure, I don't mind.

After moments of relaxing, the sun had completely set and the moon had risen, covering the sky with it's glow as well as the stars accompanying it.

Twilight Sparkle: *sigh* I guess it's time to go.

Mordecai: Yeah, it is. Wanna help with the picnic?

Twilight Sparkle: Sure.

They picked up all the dishes that were with the food, starting the pie pan from the apple pie, the bread pan and the plates. Once they were done, they started walking back to Twilight's home.

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you again for the picnic, that zucchini bread was good.

Mordecai: No problem Twilight, Pinkie helped me with that one. I didn't think she'd put cinnamon in it. That apple pie was very good.

Twilight Sparkle: Applejack helped me with that. I know Pinkie would have done well, but Applejack knows how to make a good apple pie.

Mordecai: I can't argue there.

Twilight: And the fruit salad?

Mordecai: Sonic got the fruit for me, I made the rest after he helped.

Twilight Sparkle: We sure have some good friends.

Mordecai: No doubt about it.

Twilight Sparkle: Hey Mordecai, do you have plans to go back to the park right now?

Mordecai: I don't see Sonic around, he was supposed to help me get back home when the date was done. But I'm in no hurry to go back home right now. Why do you ask?

Twilight Sparkle: I just thought that if you were too tired to go home right now, then I could offer you the guest room at my home and you could spend the night.

Mordecai: I don't mind at all, thanks Twilight.

Once they arrived at her home, Mordecai got the door for Twilight and entered the house with her. He set the picnic basket in her kitchen, before Twilight led him to the guest room. Once they entered, the room had a spare bed, one bookshelf, a nightstand, and a window. It was a small room, but Mordecai thought he could handle it.

Mordecai: Thanks again Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: Your welcome Mordecai, I'll see you in the morning.

Mordecai: Yeah, goodnight.

Twilight Sparkle: Goodnight.

Mordecai was about to ask Twilight something, but before he could, she already closed the door on him. Mordecai turned around was ready to go to bed, but he heard a knock on the door. He opened it and saw Twilight standing outside with a blush on her face.

Twilight Sparkle: Can I have one more kiss?

Mordecai: I thought you'd never ask.

And for the second time that day, Mordecai and Twilight shared another kiss. This kiss didn't last as long as the first one, but it was still passionate for them to enjoy. After the second kiss from the date ended, they were ready to go to bed. Twilight went back to her room, while Mordecai closed the door to the guest room and crawled into his bed. But before they fell asleep, both Mordecai and Twilight thought the same thing while they drifted off to sleep, "Best date ever."

This is an entry for a contest in the :iconmordetwi: group. This one took a while to do, but I'm happy with what I got done.

Updated version:…

Mordecai, Rigby, Benson and Skips belong to :iconjgquintel:

Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy belong to :iconhasbroplz:

Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to :iconsegaplz:

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I two am writing am writing a Sonic and MLP crossover series called Team Nite except it's Shadow instead of Sonic.
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