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Another preview for Ch. 10

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 26, 2014, 5:14 PM
Hello everyone, I'm still working on Chapter 10 to my story, but I think I can leave another preview to the chapter. I hope you guys like it.


Sam and Tucker stepped into the Specter Speeder, they went to the control panel and pressed an emergency button. After pressing it, the Specter Speeder expanded in size to look like a jetplane. Sam came back out and said with a sly smile, “Big enough for you guys?” Finn said in shock, “Holy shram!” Ed said in excitement, “Oh, wow, way cool!” After getting over their shock, everyone entered the Specter Speeder. Once everyone was onboard, Tucker inputted the directions to Lake Eerie, activated the autopilot, and they were on their way. Jake went to one of the chairs and sat in it. Once he was comfortable, he said, “Now this is a way to travel.” Rigby also went to a chair and followed suit. He then said, “Yeah it is.”

Mordecai shook his head at this. He turned to Tucker and Sam and said, “So this thing can catch up to Sonic, Rainbow and Danny?” Sam said, “It can easily catch up with Danny, but if Sonic is as fast as he claims he is, it won’t keep up with him,” Pinkie said, “Or Dashie, don’t forget her.” Eddy asked, “How fast can she actually go?” Pinkie simply said, “Fast enough to do a Sonic Rainboom.” Everyone that didn’t know Rainbow Dash well enough turned to each other in confusion. Double D spoke up for everyone and said, “I’m sorry, a Sonic what now?” Pinkie then said, “It’s a legendary move back where we’re from. When a pegasus like Rainbow Dash goes sooo fast…” She paused for dramatic effect. She then surprised everyone by loudly saying, “BOOM! A sonic boom and a rainbow happen all at once!” Mordecai turned to Twilight for clarification, and she said, “We’ve seen her do it a few times, so what Pinkie said was true.” Wanting to see if what he heard was accurate, Double D said, “So, it’s a sonic boom, with a rainbow effect added to it.” Pinkie said, “That’s about right.” Mordecai said, “So Rainbow can go fast enough to break the sound barrier.” Amy said, “And we know Sonic’s fast enough to break the sound barrier in just seconds.” An idea suddenly hit Eddy after hearing how fast Sonic and Rainbow Dash are. He interrupted her and said, “Oh man, if she’s as fast as you are saying, then I just thought of a scam that can end all scams and it can seriously rake in some serious dough!”

Before he could explain his scam, the plane slowed down. They looked out the window and saw that they had arrived just outside Lake Eerie. They Sonic and Rainbow Dash arguing near the sign. Once they exited the Specter Speeder, they heard their bickering. As they were approaching them, Rainbow said, “You have a Chaos Emerald, how do I know you didn’t cheat?” Before Sonic could answer her, they heard someone laugh. It was revealed that Danny was the one laughing as he made himself visible lying on her back. As he re-positioned himself to a sitting position on Rainbow’s back, he said, “That’s funny coming from you with that quick countdown thing back at the park.” Surprised from his sudden appearance, she said, “Where did you come from?” Danny said, “When you slowed down back there, I thought I’d catch a ride.” Sonic couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. He said in between laughs, “Trust me Dash, there’s a lot of things I am, but when it comes to racing, cheating is NEVER a thing I do.”

Before the fight could escalate between them, Twilight separated them using her magic. She then said, “Alright you two, whatever happened in this race doesn’t matter right now. We have more important things to do, like finding the emerald here before Discord does.” Hearing the name, Danny looked at them in confusion and asked, “You guys know the Dork of Chaos?” After saying this, he earned a good laugh from most of the group, those that weren’t laughing, were trying their best to not chuckle. Rainbow Dash laughed at the nickname and said, “Good one Danny.” Sonic said, “I’m guessing you bumped into Discord.” Danny said with confidence, “Yeah, I kicked his butt out of town last night.” Amazed by this, Sonic said, “I’m so glad you’re helping us with this!” Sonic pulled out the radar and gave it a look. He then said, “Alright guys, this one looks like its close, I just hope it’s not in the lake,” saying the last part to himself.

After entering Lake Eerie, and looking the radar over, Sonic was disgruntled to see that the emerald was in the lake. He smacked his head on the radar in frustration and said, “Why did I have to say that?” Finn turned to him and asked, “You ok?” With his head still on the radar, Sonic said, “Not really.” Finn then said, “Why, what’s up?” Sonic lifted his head off of the Radar and said, “The radar says the emerald is in the lake.”


And that's all I will give for now.


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